Full Disk Image BACKUPS


What are you guys using to do full disk image backups?
I just reformated my machine and re-registered all software,
and I don’t want to go through that again.

I was reading over some old threads, and see where
many are using “Cobian”, “ToDo Backups”, and XXClone.

I haven’t used Microsoft Backup since the late 1980s. I’ve
always did clean / fresh installs. I’m using XP Pro. If I use
Microsoft Backup/Restore with a USB Flash or external drive,
will microsoft restore fully clear/format the infected drive and
then restore? Would or could such a restore disk image be
made to “auto boot”? Flash drive? External Drive? CD/DVD?
OH, and I do not own a FLOPPY DRIVE. Does this eliminate

Anyone here familiar with all of this? Please point me in the right

Thanks in Advance

I’ve used Acronis True Image. It costs about $40-$50. It can make an imaged copy of your entire drive, and you can restore it later if need be. You’ll need to boot from a CD to do this, however.

If you just want to backup individual files, I’ve been using SyncToy to copy files to an external drive.

I use a linux live CD and the dd program to create/restore disk images. As an extra side benefit, you can mount a disk image file within linux without restoring it to a physical drive, and it’s free.

I agree with Force Flow. I’ve been using Acronis True Image to create disk images and have been very happy with the results.

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Can vouch for Acronis…been using it for years and it rawkz!