How can I get back my flashdrive data without having format?

I am in a problem with my pen-drive. When I plug-in my pen-drive to my computer & want to open it, Then I get a pop-up “Do you want to format?”. Obviously I don’t want to format it! So how can I get my data without formatting the pen-drive? Please help me.

[FONT=Verdana]What happens if you simply answer “no” to the formatting question?

Which OS are you using, and what is the file format on your pen drive?[/FONT]

You need a tool like TestDisk, GetDataBack or Recuva (if you use Windows) although using an anti-virus program first can help. You may even need the three of them! :smiley:

I’d start with TestDisk.

If there’s no virus, normally the error comes because it has lot the partition table and therefore it can’t associate the names of the files with the real names of the files.

If you’re under linux, linux has its own set of tools for the same job :slight_smile:

I don’t recall the names of any programs, but there are some recovery programs that were created mostly to recover camera data off memory cards. Something like that may work with a regular flash drive too.

I have a flash drive which works fine on my Linux/Windows 7 dual-boot system, using either OS. However, another Windows 7 PC I sometimes use often gives me error messages about a corrupt filesystem and the need to reformat. I’ve no idea why - and usually unplugging the drive and plugging it back in is enough to get things working.

I agree. it may also be a good idea to try using the pen drive in another computer and see if there’s still an error message. I’m too used to the problems we have at the office where a drive (flash, pen or Hard) that gives that error never works…

You can also try Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Software for recovering data, It is an advanced software which can recover permanently deleted files, data deleted from Recycle Bin or the data lost due to some virus.

If you using window os then i say there is no other option…

Try to scan by queck heal

May this scan fix your problem otherwise i think you must have to format…

Another vote for Recuva. Although I’m not sure if it’s gonna be useful since you haven’t deleted anything from the flash drive… It’s worth a shot anyway…

If you are on windows system, try to ignore that and hit no. Then right click the drive and choose open.

Yes off course you can get your data back within few minutes from you flash drive. As it is not given the type of device, I am considering as memory stick. To recover data from corrupted memory stick you need only a recovery software if in case you don’t have backup. The data can be recovered only in condition, if you have not saved anything or format it after it is corrupted. You can try this download link it will help you surely. [noparse][/noparse]


[FONT=Verdana]As it’s over two months since the OP reported the problem, and they’ve never returned to the thread, I think we must assume they’ve solved the problem or lost interest.

Thanks to those who responded. Thread closed.[/FONT]