Personal Data Backup

Hi, guys. I wanted to get everyone’s thoughts and opinions on what I should use for personal data backup.

Here’s the background:

I had originally been backing up everything using an online service, but some time ago, my ISP instituted a monthly bandwidth cap, so this became impractical. I decided I would use the online backup for only my most irreplaceable files, and a traditional external HD for a full backup.

My problem now is: picking the software for the full backup.

  • I tried Acronis TrueImage, but its backups seem fragile. Once it tries to consolidate incremental backups, or even if I just change a setting, then the backups suddenly start failing.
  • I tried the built-in Windows Backup, but it doesn’t recognize when files have been moved, renamed, or deleted, so the backup becomes full of duplicates, which makes restoring painful or corrupted.
  • I went low-tech and tried 7-Zip, since it can synchronize archives with any updates to my files, but I couldn’t control where it puts the temp archive, and I don’t have the space on my OS drive for a 200GB temp file.
  • Now I’m trying Microsoft’s SyncToy, but it’s a huge performance hog. While it’s running, I can’t even move the mouse without a 30 second lag time.

I’m so tired of my terrible choices, and I’m hoping people here have some solid recommendations to try.

The first external hard-drive I bought came with Memeo backup software, which I found really easy to configure and use. I haven’t used it for a couple of years, as I no longer use Windows. You can download a free trial version from their website.

Try @MAX SyncUp. Cool soft.

  • low system requirements
  • recognize moved, renamed, or deleted files
  • reliable enough
    I like it, but form your own opinion.

I got an external Seagate usb drive that came with rebit software. I have had it on my W7 workstation for about a year now and it works OK, I’ve had to restore things a couple times. It’s windows only though.

I use 2 methods. I backup to an external hard drive using acronis but I also use carbonite to backup online. Dont trust using just 1 method due to a bad experience lol

I’ve been using CrashPlan, which gives you an added bonus of being able to backup offsite to friends computers as well (for free). Never had a problem and I’ve been using it for a few years now.

Migrate to a OSX, easiest, safest and bestest…yes…I just said bestest.