Forums keeps getting DB error

Every few seconds I keep getting a DB error page on here.Figure I’d let the admins know and see if they can find out what’s up. Posting is hard.

Got that for a bit, now I’m getting a kick out of trying to use this without CSS – so I’m assuming their CDN is down now.

Really shows what crap vBull skins are under the hood when going in without CSS.

Same issue here.

First the db error now no CSS.

Hopefully this all gets fixed come the morning considering the forum has been like this for over 4 hours now.

Off Topic:

Did someone forgot to test in dev first.

Apparently I didn’t get up early enough to experience the DB errors, but I’m glad I’m not alone with the CSS problem. I’ve got a slight bug and I thought my computer was coming out in sympathy with me. :slight_smile:

I might not be around much 'til this is fixed - it’s a bit hard to cope with in its/my current state. :frowning:

This will sort out the hardcore Sitepointers from the weak-willed wusses :slight_smile:

actually, the css-free version is pretty easy to follow, after a brief adjustment period

at least now all the fonts are big enough to read, and the form fields actually have visible boxes

Glad to see the CSS is a wide spread issue. I was a bit worried when I woke up this morning and I still had the issue :).

See why I was still using my custom opera user.css even after the last ‘redesign’ to force all the font sizes to %/em.