Current login stuff

I just spent a frustrating half hour trying to log into the forums.

Please developers, test your web pages with fonts enlarged. I kept clicking on the links going back to the forums, and kept seeing that I was not logged in. I had no idea there was more information for me (the scrollbar is my only clue and I hadn’t noticed it), due to the ginormous hero image.

Not everyone has a huge cine-Mac screen sitting in an office :slight_smile:


Also, it would be nice if the log-in behaved like other log-ins (and like SitePoint did until the recent change). When you arrive at that screen and your log-in details are already displayed, hitting Enter should submit it. It shouldn’t require tabbing through the preceeding links.

I still have to see how it works now that I’ve made this “new” account. Haven’t done that yet.

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