Issue with FF 28.0


When I try access the site with FF, the stylesheet drops off.

Version is 28.0, Windows 7.

Chrome is fine. I love the colours scheme on the home page.

That’s weird. I don’t know why that should be. Does it happen every time?

(I’m having other problems with Firefox 29, so I’m not going to suggest upgrading as a solution. ;))

Look - TBH I noticed it ages ago (years) and thought nothing of it.

Let me clear cache.

I replicated it 6 times in a row. For a total of about 10 times now.

I recall this from somewhere else. Perhaps there is an odd impact from one of my add ons. Hold up: I had ad block installed, but disabling it did nothing (cleared cache again just in case).

I tried to remove the security certr (made https into http) but that did nothing. I will test on another machine tomorrow.

Let me know if you need me to try anything else.

I’ve encountered the problem very occasionally, with various versions of Firefox, but reloading the page always clears it.

As you know, we’re moving to Discourse in the near future, so there’s not much point trying to fix problems with vBulletin at this stage, I’m afraid. :frowning:

I got these errors in my console. Soz poor quality pretty late here I can ul proper image if needed.

Oh I was wondering if this was Discourse wrapped in something else. No worries.

Trust me - when we move to Discourse, you’ll know. :slight_smile:

No, the move to discourse hasn’t happened yet, still got a while before that switch is turned :slight_smile:

It looks like something is blocking the stylesheets, are you sure one of your addons isn’t contributing to it?


Not 100%, I’ll do a fresh install.

I think, if you give it an argument such as /profile when executing Firefox, you can create a new profile that has zero extensions.

Found a link about it:


You can also go to

Help > Restart with Add-ons Disabled

to test. (When you’ve finished, you can close Firefox and it will restart as normal next time.)