Post Upgrade Bugs

Please log any bugs that you are noticing since the upgrade in this thread. Please make sure you read the thread first to ensure that your bug hasn’t already been logged here.

The following are bugs that were noted in the Forum Upgrade thread.

We are in the process of writing a plugin to rectify this. In the mean time, you can manually use the BBCode tag

[OT]****, that autosave is freaking awesome, although I can't say I got much love for the lack of
OT formatting![/OT][/QUOTE] Yup, the OT formatting is logged as a low priority change.

[QUOTE=TheRedDevil;4953403]Another thing I am missing, is the default forum landing page we had previously. I really loved the fact that you had "popular" topics that you guys selected and then shown there, and the left menu with all the forums.[/QUOTE] The "Featured Posts" plugin needs to be rewritten and is high on the priority list.

[QUOTE=Mojo5;4953417]when before the tree menu on the left was a quick couple of clicks at most to get where I want. [/QUOTE] The left menu tree was a plugin that needs to be rewritten and is top of the priority list.

[QUOTE=Stormrider;4953468]Oh, and the favicon hasn't changed still...[/QUOTE] Really? I can see it. Can you confirm that after a hard refresh you still don't have it?

[QUOTE=siteguru;4953509]...word-wrap in the quick reply box![/QUOTE] Yeah, that is a weird one and is logged to be fixed.

[QUOTE=Salathe;4953590]Just a couple of minor issues:
Can we have underlines back on links please?
And "mark this forum read" working?
And some clear differentiation between threads with new replies, and those without?[/QUOTE] The jury is still out on the underlines, "Mark Forum Read" seems to be working and yes to the last one, it is logged.

[QUOTE=Stevie D;4953628]'s too wide. It doesn't fit on a [B]1024px[/B] screen[/QUOTE] Agreed. I'm not sure that 100% is the answer, but we do need to do something about this.

[QUOTE=slayerment;4953892]Holy cow you people complain a lot. Do none of you people run sites or what? There are always problems with upgrades and always things that are different. Who cares. Move on.[/QUOTE] I am in love with you.

In the past hour I’ve seen two 500 errors, six 502’s and a 503.

Unless you’re doing something funky on the servers right now, as I suspected the problem is NOT the version of forum software, but somewhere between your servers and the pipe into the data center!

ESPECIALLY the 502’s. Bad Gateway is pretty self explanatory and has jack to do with what version of a forums you are running.

Max-width in EM maybe?

I’m probably adding that to the user.css I made, along with putting underlines back in.

This might sound like a stupid question, but does vBull still offer multiple skins? Could have one skin for people who want underlines and one for those who don’t.

the thin line separating the signature is way, way too faint to see

Sig line looks OK to me. What OS/browser are you using Rudy?

windows 2000, opera 11.51


I would like to have the subscribed email work as before. With the new forum, my Outlook 2007 does not receive clickable links. I have noticed in the past, that Outlook seems to want a space or new-line at the end of a link.

^ 1px solid #ddd isn’t very dark, for sure.

Prolly should be added to Crusty’s user.css. Which Crusty should prolly link to again here. It can fix a lot of problems people are having today until the SP devs get time to fix them.

Are the links in the subscribed thread emails clickable for yourself when you view the emails via a webmail interface? When I view my subscribed threads (via yahoo’s site) the links are clickable. Possibly something about them is triggering some security setting in Outlook 2007

SP: the other thread, AussieJohn answered the reason links get wrapped now. Which breaks them and makes them unclickable.

The links do work in a web interface.

The links (so far) have been single line and unbroken.

We haven’t changed any of the settings for our campus MS Outlook, so I still think there is something in the new forum that has changed from the old email notification.

The jury is still out on the underlines, “Mark Forum Read” seems to be working and yes to the last one, it is logged.[/QUOTE]

Hawk, it’s great that you guys are working hard. I didn’t realize this was just a basic template install and that you guys are working on it still. Just wondering about a few things:

  1. Salathe’s quote above about the clear differentiation of read threads and unread threads. Visually, I really liked the old version with the text BIG and bold for the unread. Made it so I didn’t have to squint or look at an image. Any plans to bring that back? If so, I hope it’s not too subtle. :wink:

  2. Right now on several posts, especially those with one line, there is considerable white space below the sentence/paragraph, which makes for difficult readability. I can upload an image if you want to show what I mean. I actually uploaded one in Deathshadow’s user.css thread.

  3. Wondering if you can style the Submit Reply and Preview Post buttons to make them either bigger or more noticeable in some other way. I keep scrolling past them looking for them.

BTW, not sure if #1 or #3 qualify as bugs, but enhancements. I just thought they would be appropriate here.

All bugs in the thread so far have been logged. Any enhancements will be considered once we’ve ironed out the bugs. :slight_smile:

Previously read threads weren’t in bold. Now all threads are in bold whether they’ve been read or not. I don’t know if this is a conscious design choice or a bug, but I’d prefer if only unread posts where in bold.

Yes, it makes things a little harder, but there is a way of telling what’s what. Each post title has an envelope icon to the left. A red one means there’s at least one post there you haven’t read, while a gray one means there are no new posts in there.

This is not as good (usability-wise) as the bold and non-bold titles, but at least there is some indication of what you are asking about.

Oh, if only! Am I alone in finding threads marked unread when in fact I read the most recent post several hours ago? I used to have a double-check for this - the wee message telling me when I last visited, so at least then I could judge which posts had come in since my last visit. Unfortunately, that seems to have got lost in transit.

Here’s a giant bug I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned…

If you have more than one CODE block in a post now, they’re completely screwed up… Everything before the last quote is deleted, and the content of that last CODE section is shown once not formatted, then once formatted…

Hah, had to make the example in a separate post, because it was deleting the content in this one…

Take this for example:





There should be four code blocks, with the text “take this for example” before it. (if you “reply with quote” you can see it’s in there!) – it’s not even outputting the markup… Something is horribly screwy with whatever regex (I’m assuming it’s a regex) is being used to build code blocks!

At first I thought it was my user.css screwing up; but no… the markup isn’t even there!

Don’t know if this helps, but that came through in my e-mail notification as

<div class=“” style=“font-family:monospace;”><pre style=“font: normal normal 1em/1.2em monospace; margin:0; padding:0; background:none; vertical-align:top;”>Test4</pre></div><div class=“bbcode_container”>
<div class=“bbcode_description”>Code : </div>
<div class=“bbcode_code” style=“height:3em;”><div class=“” style=“font-family:monospace;”><pre style=“font: normal normal 1em/1.2em monospace; margin:0; padding:0; background:none; vertical-align:top;”>Test4</pre></div></div>
There should be four code blocks, with the text “take this for example” before it…
which also seems to be missing part of the message.

I’ve made a post with two code blocks, both of which show OK, but that was the start of a thread. Perhaps it’s in the reply where things go awry?