HTML only Forum?

Is anyone else only seeing the site HTML? I’ve got no CSS coming down here, despite multiple refreshes.

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Ah! That’s better, it’s back… :smile:

It wasn’t just you - FYI.


I was logged out (so at least I can’t be blamed for breaking things this time ). Let us know if you see it happening again - although it might well be obvious to us all.

It was quite interesting trying to create a new post with only the HTML on screen - I’m not sure I’ve ever tried that before. Nice to see it back in all its glory though.


I’ll say! (I’ve just turned off CSS so I can share the experience.)

[quote=“chrisofarabia, post:5, topic:187850”]
I’m not sure I’ve ever tried that before.
[/quote]I can’t imagine why you would.

Everyone needs a hobby…


One thing is a hobby and something completely different is masochism

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I still see it with only HTML! Maybe i sould try clearing the cache.

Try that and see if the problem solves by itself

Shhhh… no one’s supposed to know about that…


Mhh, now on my second computer (Firefox) it works corectly. Some minutes ago on my first pc I tried clearing the cache but the CSS were still not working. Later I’ll go back to my first computer and I’ll let you know if the problem persist. Thanks!

SPF uses a server caching, I’m pretty sure, so not everything is updated at once for everybody. You might just need to wait a little bit.

There is a server related issue with this, but it is going to take us some time to get it resolved. It will auto-resolve itself, but there is also a coding correction that would resolve it permanently.


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