Fonts looking choppy and pixelated?

The past few weeks i have had a motivational dip regarding webdesign. Most websites i have visited i have found ugly. Especially the Flat design ones that i loved a month ago. And today it hit me… its because all text looks like ****, its choppy and pixelated, looking non-anti-aliased.
For me having smooth looking fonts is very important, especially now when doing flat designs, so failing with this has made my motivation go away. First I thought I was just to much of a perfectionist, but now when seeing “sites of the day” have choppy ugly fonts it hit me that maby this is just something that im experiencing on my screen, and got he thinking what might be the reason for this, if this is the case.

Can it have something to do with that the last few weeks i have been on a superbad internet connection, 1/0.1 shared on a 50 room hotel?

Anyone have any tips on what to check or do?

Are you sure the fonts are copied from your fonts folder and put into your design site directory? maybe the browser is substituting the font for something else because it can’t find it in your directory?

Speculative response.

Is there any chance that a system setting has changed?

Window 7

Right Click the desktop background > Personalize > Display > Adjust ClearType text > Turn on ClearType

WinXP Pro

Right Click the My Computer icon or Double Click the System icon in the Control Panel
> System Properties > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Smooth edges of screen fonts


Right Click the desktop background > Properties > Appearance > Effects… > Use ClearType fonts to smooth edges of screen fonts.

Normally, these settng do not change, but I suppose it’s possible that a Windows update or maybe a graphics driver update screwed up something.

We would appreciate knowing what your find.

What browser are you using?

Yeah im using google fonts and typekit, and its not only on my sites, its pretty much erverywhere.

mostly using chrome, but I got the same issue in FF now.