Blurry font in Chrome

I am working on a website. But for some reason the font (white on grey background) is in Chrome very blurry while in FF everything is ok (see images)



I saw this post last week and tried what was suggested but without the desired result. What are my options?

This is the live link

Doesn’t look all that blurry to me in Chrome.

Hi Ryan, thanks for the reply To me it’s not that bad either, allthough I see a difference, but the client insist that it looks blurry for him. What are my options?

-webkit anti aliases the fonts differently and they produce a softer look than Firefox which is hard and ragged in some cases.

It does vary between platform also but on the PC the chrome font is actually looking better to me because it is softened around the edges.

It does also depend on user and monitor settings/type etc but if you are using a standard font then there’s little you can do. Custom fonts are often bad in Chrome although they have improved a little lately.

There is also the issue of whether cleartype has been enabled/tuned etc. on a windows machine.

More info.

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