Font looks way different depending on browser

My page I am working on is

The font looks great in IE, but in FF/Chrome it changes. Seems squiggly and thinner. Any ideas?

I see, so IE is just making my bad font look good. haha

Get used to the fact that you have little or no control over the appearance of your fonts on the web. It is a fact, and it isn’t going to change. A site that depends on a particular font is a broken site.

try typeface.js for consistent font rendering, it uses js, html5, and vml; and claims to ‘degrade gracefully’ if not supported, CSS3 have similar feature as well

My psychic powers tell me you are running IE8 on Windows XP…

IE9 on Vista :smiley:

It’s down to ClearType, which uses sub-pixel rendering to smooth out fonts, and give them a bit more body to make them more readable. It is turned on by default in Windows Vista and newer. It is also used in IE8 on Windows XP, but not by other software.

OK, just seen your response - that’s surprising, I assumed that all software running on Vista would use ClearType. Maybe not.