Web font rendering in different browsers

Yello All.

I am having some issues understanding the rendering of Google Web Fonts on my computer.

I am running Windows Vista and can’t understand why the pixelation is so bad on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, but is smooth in IE9…

Could anyone shed any light on this?


Here’s what I know:
In your OS version, ClearType should have been enabled by default (this was not the case with WindowsXP).

ClearType on Windows mainly affected TrueType fonts. A few years ago, most/all browsers were accessing this using an API called GDI. There’s an improved vesion of GDI called DirectWrite that at least the newer Firefoxes and IE’s are able to use, and this also improves the OpenType fonts. Your screenshots though look like nobody is getting anything at all, though. Traditionally, on XP, IE would use ClearType whether the user had enabled it or not; this made IE look nicer most of the time. Again tho that doesn’t make sense if you’re on Vista.

I know Droid was released as both TrueType and OpenType versions, but I don’t know which one you got. It shouldn’t matter.

You might as well triple check that ClearType is enabled. There should be another option that’s called Font Smoothing, which works less well. You should also take your copy of IE and find in the preferences where you can force ClearType off. Do the fonts then in IE look as bad as they do in non-IE browsers? If so, that really points to the system settings being at fault.

Stomme poes,

You have solved it. Thank you kindly.

RESOLUTION: Right-click Desktop > Personalize > Window Color and Appearance > Effects > Use the following Method to smooth edges of screen fonts > ClearType

Thanks so much I can design and read again.


Weeeeeird. According to the M$ blogs/articles I read, ClearType should have been enabled already on your version of Windows…