Fonts look weird in web browser (Windows XP)

This is the weirdest thing, and it has been bugging the crud out of me.

By the way, if this is not the proper forum to post this issue, please advise me accordingly.

Lately, I have noticed that some of my regularly visited web sites are displaying weird and hard-to-read fonts.

This is on a Windows XP machine, and occurs in IE and FireFox.

Is there any kind of setting (in the browsers, in Windows) that would correct this? I feel like I may have missed the memo on this one, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s an example (look at the body font in blue):

Browsers are configurable. Because your version of IE is configured to display Times New Roman as its default doesn’t mean mine is. You can’t go on that, except for your machine and only your machine.

Your site uses as its main font declaration:

font:100.01%/1 “Lucida Grande”,“Lucida Sans Unicode”,“Lucida Sans”,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;

and this as several element declarations:

font-family:“Helvetica Neue”,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;

Nothing wrong with them. Windows XP doesn’t have any of the Helveticas, so you’re seeing everything in either the Lucidas or Arial. My guess is that your XP machine doesn’t have ClearType enabled.

OK, sorry, I see what you meant about fonts in web browsers.

Firefox - Times New Roman 16pt

IE - Webpage font: Times New Roman
IE - Plain Text font: Courier New


What fonts am I using in my browser settings?

Ahem…IE and Firefox don’t require any specified fonts. The fonts are declared by the person who built the web page.

As far as the link for this particular site:

Actually, I am looking for some kind of Display Properties / Settings / Advanced issue that I might have to tweak.

my misyel, not quite sure what you mean by “setting up your browsers to display them correctly”?

What fonts are you using in your browser settings?

have you got a link to the site so we can test?

It might be that the sites themselves have the problems. It usually occurs when some sites are not maintained regularly to fix the errors accumulating in their pages. As a remedy, you can set up your browsers to display them correctly.

Interestingly Max, I’ve actually encountered thin jagged issues like that when Cleartype HAS been enabled. In addition: While other browsers show it correctly (via Cleartype) IE was the sole browser to mess up the font rendering. I’ve found that often the cause is resulting from CSS3 font-face usage (in IE) however (of course), Cleartype is probably the most logical explanation for when it’s not one of IE’s many weird quirks! Who knows, maybe it’s something else. :smiley:

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