Facebook - Thought Provoking Article that Clarifies Best Usage?


No doubt many users are not aware of possible implications that blocking users is pointless because other contacts can make your posts viral. Facebook is a “micro-broadcasting” blog platform so be very wary of what you post.

There is no way that I could find to change the News Section so I have to ignore that section to prevent the generated Edgerank selection. I have special contact groups to prevent being overwhelmed with dross and prefer being selective rather than just being a customer for their adverts.

<soapbox mode=“frothing_at_the_mouth”>

I hate FB totally and completely. When I did have an account, I would only access it via FireFox and used the AdBlockPlus and ABP Element Hider to customize what I did and did not see. I would spend many minutes, every day, customizing it because FB kept making changes.

Once I deleted all my (anti-)social media accounts (FB, Twitter, GooglePlus), I felt such a weight being lifted from me. I’ve never looked back.

F%&* Facebook.


It is a interesting article indeed. Still, the one conclusion I get is that you have to be really careful with what you post. But then, you have to be really carefull with what you say too. You speak to a friend, say something, then your friend tells it in a completely different way to a third person, and this third person tells to a fourth and his version has nothing to do with the original story except because you, as the first story teller, will be the one to blame :slight_smile:

FB is the same but with a larger scope. Still, I like it because I can get in touch with people that, otherwise, I would have lost all touch.

Yup… “The Telephone Game” on a global scale.

And everyone should know that once something is on the internet, it’s there until the end of eternity.

And that potential employers do searches before deciding whether or not to hire you.

If it were for keeping in touch with someone who has moved out of state, or out of the country, yeah, FB has it’s benefits.

But I’ve sat and stared in slack-jawed amazement at the stupid 5h|t that will piss people off.

ALL (anti-)social networking and texting (and email) have done a lot of damage to actual socialization. Most people would rather communicate through a computer/smartphone than face to face, or even an actual phone CALL (what the telephone was invented for.)

No wonder things are so screwed up in the world.

I think that we were screw up before that. But it is true that all these technologies are the proof that paradoxes exist. They were created with the intention of making communication easier and they succeeded but, at the same time, they’ve hurt communication serverely. Or, I guess I should say, the way we use them has hurt communication :slight_smile:

Well articulated. And I totally agree.