Banned by Digg ... Suggestions on Other Bookmarking Sites

I have been blogging for over 18 months on blogger. Got a few self domains last month. Been religiously digging each blog post. A couple of days ago - I cud no longer digg posts from a blogger hosted blog, saying it had abused ToS. I emailed them asking the reason and now I can’t login to digg.

I understand it is a free service + prejudice against non-westerners so no point banging my head. I just sent them a thank u email for banning me totally without explaining the reason for the partial ban.

It’s not as if I just bookmark my own posts on these bookmarking sites. I bookmark atleast 1 post by someone else for each post of mine.

Right now I also use Mixx, Propeller and Newscola for bookmarking my blog posts. I have tried using Stumbleupon but cud never understand it.

Any suggestions on other bookmarking sites which are good for bringing in traffic + propelling blog posts up the SERP’s.

Try using Delicious and Stumble Upon or you can visit

Thanx a lot for the suggestions myfreelance. I do have an account on Delicious. I took a look at social poster. Do I have to have an ID on each of the sites to which I want to submit the URL?

try to social maker, book marking demone,

Man you must really have to abuse it to get banned. I’ve been diggin the heck out of my blog.

Jhangora, you know what makes me angry? People like you who are effectively spammers who blame their eventual banning on circumstance rather than your own disregard for quality control. You said you have been religiously digging each post and wonder why you were banned? Digg expressly state in their terms of service that self promotion is NOT ALLOWED. In fact pretty much every social network on the web has that policy because when people like you flood their systems with posts that provide you with gain, it nearly always decreases the quality of the stuff in their index. The whole point of social networks is to allow other people to decide if they like what you have posted, and then show that in the form of a vote for your site by adding it to their bookmarks or digging or stumbling it (et al). Self promotional “religious” hitting up of your own content or content you benefit from is not a sign that people like what you are posting, it’s a sign of pure egotism that your forcing on a mechanism that’s meant to be powered by social force. You are a spammer, just as bad as those who hit up email accounts with advertisements for Viagra (you are, after all, sending the service purely self-influenced adverts for what you have written) and you deserve to have been banned. There is no prejudice against non-westerners and it’s not a race issue, it’s just that you broke the rules, abused the service, spammed your content (which I’m guessing isn’t of good enough quality to market itself - hence why you need to socialize it yourself) and whether you had other peoples stuff mixed in with yours besides the point… ratio wise, your content spam was much heavier and less subtle than anything else you used the service for. :slight_smile:

U have some issues Alex. I’ve checked out ur posts on threads I have not posted on. U have some serious issues.

I did digg regularly for about 18 months but my personal blog has just 250 posts over that period of time. I was pretty skeptical about bookmarking my own content when I joined these sites and checked out the terms of use. IIRC Digg at that time said it’s pretty ok to submit self content. Can’t find that piece of info right now but one reason I might have been banned is coz some of the blog posts promoted affiliate products.

Man I find ur anger misplaced. I really like being on first page of search engines and am using the free tools available on the internet towards that end. I know one has to give something back in order to get something so I bookmark content by other too, why - I have even dugg a few dozen sponsored links on Digg. I do not claim that my content is original or of really high quality but I wonder what are u benchmarking my content against?

My anger isn’t misplaced, it’s people who are willing to-do everything they can to get a better search placement which you admitted to that damage the integrity of websites like Digg. It’s not about balancing between spamming your own content and passing a few other links to cover it up as well, the fact is you stated you “religiously” dugg every one of your posts… which is a clear statement of spamming in order to promote yourself (your blog and any products or services you may offer or advertise on top). My anger is entirely justified on the basis that your “attempts” to pervert how search engines naturally index content causes serious long term damage to the way social networking operates, and collectively you damage the experience for everyone. Those “free tools” aren’t produced or intended for individuals like yourself to try and purge as many backlinks as possible, that’s about as accurate an excuse as claiming spamming your website URL in blog comments is justified because they don’t do anything to stop you and the end result benefits you. You’re manipulating a useful service out of greed, nothing less. :slight_smile:

PS: You’re not in a position to claim I have “issues”, your neither a trained professional (in that respect) nor do you know me to an extent to make such claims.

Atleast I am not bookmarking someone else’s content for 5 cents per bookmark.
You find my attempts “perverted” and the way search engines index content “natural”
I sincerely believe ur prejudices are too deep for me to bring any changes in ur way of thinking. To each his own.
Anyways don’t u think the sponsored links by digg cause some “unnatural disturbances” in the way search engines “naturally” index content.
Search engines are very useful bcoz of the amount of content on the internet but they r far from being perfect. I don’t really understand how they work but take search “gevalia coffe lovers kit” on search dot yahoo dot com and my blog post wud welcome u there as the number # 1 entry. It is a copy paste job from wikipedia.
Go ahead get me banned from Yahoo and Google. If u wish I’ll provide u a list of key phrases for which my content lists on the first page on google, yahoo and bing.
Maybe getting me banished from the organic searches wud help u sleep better. But I got a coupon from google a few days back and wud be staring the likes of u at the top of the first page very soon. And I’ll stay there.

Seems to me you violated at least two of Digg’s Terms of service (my bolding)

[COLOR=“DarkGreen”]9. with the intention of artificially inflating or altering the ‘digg count’, comments, or any other Digg service, including by way of creating separate user accounts for the purpose of artificially altering Digg’s services; giving or receiving money or other remuneration in exchange for votes; or participating in any other organized effort that in any way artificially alters the results of Digg’s services;


And possibly this one too:

7. to submit stories or comments linking to affiliate programs, multi-level marketing schemes, sites/blogs repurposing existing stories (source hops), or off-topic content;

You got caught, deal with it.


please refrain from personally insulting people here. You find Digg has been treating you unfairly. That is your prerogative to do eventhough Digg has outlined their ToS pretty clearly, but please do not insult/bash users merely for not having any sympathy for your ban or are in disagreement with your methodologies.

Mr. McClure I had just one account on Digg. I did not give or receive money or other remuneration. Infact as I wrote in an earlier post I dugg some sponsored posts. That may have helped dugg monetarily. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t requested/instructed by any third party to digg their content. :slight_smile:

Ya the last one could be the reason for my account being cancelled. What I found strange was that initially just one blog was barred, when I sent a mail requesting the reason for that blog being blocked my account was suspended.

Mr. Sunshine Always Mr. Follow: @AlexDawsonUK has shown prejudice against non native speakers of English multiple times on this forum. Wud be great if u cud advise him to be polite. I have been warned twice on this forum for trivial issues. Would be glad to bid adieu gladly. Just lemme know. Your comment adds nothing of value of this thread.

If u have the time to read my first post in the thread you may notice that my intention was to seek advise from other members of the forum on other bookmarking sites. It seems u didn’t bother to read it so I will copy paste the last line in bold for the comfort of ur eyes :

Any suggestions on other bookmarking sites which are good for bringing in traffic + propelling blog posts up the SERP’s.

I understand that SEOizing a site can be done without Digg and Sitepoint.


No, but you said "I bookmark atleast 1 post by someone else for each post of mine. " That contravenes ToS on Third party manipulation.

You also artificially inflated your own Digg count there byre contravening this Tos “intention of artificially inflating or altering the ‘digg count’

Not necessary, I read your post.

Good, do you understand how you contravened their ToS yet? Maybe YOU should read MY post again?

Also, don’t claim prejeudice where there is none being exhibited, that dog don’t bark here, save your time.

Sorry, nothing springs to mind.

Mr. McClure let me begin by saying that my primary motive to join and participate on sitepoint forums is not to annoy you. That may make u feel a bit insignificant but it is the truth.

I really appreciate your knowledge of ToS on Digg. As I made it clear in the first post - I was amused coz my partial ban was changed to a full one when I sent an email to know the reason for not being able to bookmark posts from a particular blog.

I am really amused coz (plz excuse my non native english) bcoz mr. sunshine. always is accusing me of insulting people individually here and when I am asking him to contribute something useful to the thread he is not being warned. I remember being warned once bcoz I was thanking an individual on a thread who helped me with a query.

I am also amused when u r replying on the behalf of mr. sunshine. always. Ur last three subreplies are to queries which I put forth to mr. sunshine. always. I think u shud also give importance to saving ur precious time.

Why give replies to questions which are being asked from mr. sunshine always.

Anyways I think google dot co dot in seems to have understood the intention of starting this thread better than some very dignified and hallowed be thy name individuals present here. When I am googling google india for “banned by digg” - this post is not showing up but when I am googling “suggestions bookmarking site” it is coming on number one spot.

SEO tip … Backlinks are not the most important thing in SEO.

IIRC till some years back one cud see results from both google dot com and google dot co dot in in india … But now even if one types google dot com it redirects to google dot co dot in …

What really troubles me is not digg banning my account but removing digg from profiles on content aggregating sites. I wud have a hard time remembering various CA sites I’ve signed up with and the ID’s and passwords for them.

Jhangora, You were posting on behalf of your blog (for promotion), not on behalf of yourself, that by definition constitutes a third party. When I use StumbleUpon or Twitter for example, I use it to keep in touch with friends, to keep a record of my favourite websites (SU), and to place my day-to-day musings (T)… which are inherently separate from my business (and I strictly enforce a separation between them). By using YOUR account to promote a blog you run, it’s not out of using the service for what it’s intended for (in the case of Digg, promoting interest news stories from third party sources), your expressly using it to promote third party interests (the blog you run). Even if you aren’t running that blog for someone else, you are still acting as a middleman marketer by doing such promotion.

I have to draw this back to your original thread comments, earlier you stated a claim saying that Digg were effectively being racist against you (“prejudice against non-westerners”), which as far as I can see is clearly absurd and unsubstantiated. This claim was made purely on the basis that you were banned for violating their terms of service agreement therefore I can only assume was made purely out of you trying to blame your ban on circumstance in an effort to make you feel like the victim. Building a straw-man argument and trying to shift that blame onto me isn’t going to help you much here either. I have no prejudice against non-native English speakers and this certainly isn’t an issue. I’ve made a lot of friends on this forum from many nations around the world and I certainly don’t use their country of origin or their English level as a basis for critique. What I do have an issue with is people who post FUD content or those who are deliberately out to commit activities which may damage services or individuals (which you clearly are). I’m not trying to insult you or anyone else, I’m stating the truth in what you’re doing.

While you were looking for advice, you were expressly looking for advice on how to achieve the same effect (which I’ve stated before are prohibited by almost all social networks) for self-interest reasons (to boost your SEO). As all such activities you are undertaking is clearly a violation of such terms of service agreements, did you really think myself or anyone else would assist you in violating such legal agreements? I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to promote activities which dilute the quality of services, especially when those activities are deemed inappropriate. Spamming is not a legitimate method of marketing. :slight_smile:

Firstly, I’m a woman.

Secondly, my advice to your post is to create really powerful and captivating content that makes people want to digg your content, bookmark it, share it with a thousand networks and whatnots. That will get you at the top. And more importantly, it’ll get you to the top rankings based on the quality of your content instead, rather than by superficially inflating and abusing systems that won’t benefit you long-term anyway.

Mr. Follow: @AlexDawsonUK … one of my cousin is undergoing last year of law. I won’t waste his time by asking him whether I was posting for myself or for my blog. I intend to formalise the network of affiliate marketing websites in a couple of months, if it is able to make money. It might be a sole proprietorship business or a partnership. Till then it is just a hobby. How does it transform to a third party business is beyond my comprehension. None of u have answered my queries regarding sponsored content on digg and google. Is it OK???

U may be using SU or Twitter for ur private business but there are a million companies and individuals which are using these networking sites to promote their business. I may be wrong but some experts on social media predict that in the coming years these sites wud be no. 1 medium of advertisement. Good Luck to u. I hope u don’t come across any ads on SU or Twitter or any other such network u use.

I certainly feel, judging from ur comments on some threads that u have a prejudice against non native speakers of english. Not that I care about what ur individual views are but I have suffered a bit - don’t want to go into details. It makes my blood boil.

I may be wrong but I don’t consider bookmarking a URL on 2-3 bookmarking sites spam. U might have noticed the automatic tweet function on feedburner. I have activated that. Now that tweet for a blog post also goes to friendfeed proper and friendfeed app on my facebook profile, + google buzz. I know it’s a bit confusing sir but all websites, corps are after content. If they didn’t like spamming why wud they give us all these options. I am merely using them.

Ms. Sunshine. Always. sorry for the confusion brought about by ur avatar pic. It wud have been great if this wud have been ur initial reply and u had saved defense of Mr. Follow: @AlexDawsonUK to latter stages of ur initial post in this thread. 3 against one is not a sporting competition. U R a mentor on the forum. Go ahead give urself a warning for trolling.

Creating powerful and captivating content is good but it takes times and expertise which I may not have. So the best option is too create mediocre or below average content and market it well.

Thanx a lot for all the suggestions. It wud be great if this thread cud be closed or even deleted.

Jhangora, I agree you shouldn’t waste your time asking, because you are doing it in the third party capacity. The very fact you are stating that you may try to monetize it in the future just goes to back up the nature that you are doing it with the sole intention of exploiting the services for it’s traffic potential. And your not doing it in the capacity of recommending third party content your not subjectively biased to promote, your blog is an independent entity to which you as an individual run, you are essentially acting on the blogs behalf (making you the third person). As for sponsored content, yes it is entirely legitimate for businesses to have such material, the reason for this is because the people who run the services make the rules for the use of that service, and if they deem that sponsorship is in the best interests of that service then it is. What is not acceptable however is individuals manipulating that service in violation of the terms of service to try and leech visitors.

I would also advise you to more carefully read comments before replying to them. I did not say that I used SU or twitter for my business, I stated explicitly that I do not use those services outside of personal usage (which is deemed appropriate in the terms of service agreements). As for your comments about “millions” of businesses and individuals using those services to such ends, it’s silly to assume that because many people do something, it’s justifiable. Millions of people also steal content or pirate music and media, that doesn’t make it legal under any kind of rendition of the law. Just as copyright is copyright, a terms of service agreement is expressly that… if you break it you deserve everything you get. The only person who seems to have a prejudice is you, I don’t have a problem with non-English speakers and have said this several times, and your blatant attempts to make yourself out as a victim will get no sympathy on me, especially when you claim everyone is against you, Digg are racists and then proceed to call other contributors who are more ethical than yourself a “troll” purely because you disagree with them, I don’t agree with what you are doing and won’t under any circumstances, you deserved exactly what you got and it’s as simple as that. :slight_smile:

Hah, this guy is a trip!

It’s a free world and the purpose of a forum is, afterall, to discuss issues publicly. If you want a private discussion with Alex without anyone else getting involved then I suggest you PM him and stop posting on this thread.

I don’t have anything else to say on the thread topic so now I’m going to take your most excellent advice and save my precious time. :lol:

Take it easy Mr Jhangora

I do not agree with u and never will. Coz u refuse to see my argument in it’s entirety. U use very strong words like pervert and leech visitors.

I am a visitor to these sites too. Have u heard about user generated content? Can’t a person who is contributing take some of the stuff? R U trying to leech visitors from this forum my displaying ur Twitter ID? Now don’t tell me u arn’t coz it’s not a hyperlink.

When I said u use SU or Twitter for ur personal business I meant u use them for ur personal use. The expression “It’s no business of yours” usually doesn’t have anything to do with money.

I think the real issue here is that I am more a believer in copyleft and open source.

Honestly I don’t understand what makes u or any other charlie or duck think I came here for sympathy. What irritates me is ur all knowing attitude. Laws change Follow: @AlexDawsonUK . Racism was legal in ur grandpa’s time, now it isn’t.