Are you on MySpace?

Hi friends,

Do you have a account on MySapce? I’m on MySpace - I have my personal page and pages for each of my forums, but I hardly actually use them - I’m more of a Facebook whore actually


Hi :wave:

Nope, don’t have myspace or facebook or twitter accounts. I find them to limiting and robotic. I only use wordpress but I suspect I like it better because it suits my style of communication better.

They all have their place in the market

I am but I abandoned my site months ago…

Yes I’m active on Myspace, but prefer Facebook and Twitter more!! :slight_smile:

I’m surprised anyone still uses mySpace! The majority of the world moved to Facebook after mySpace failed to compete with the newer social networks. :slight_smile:

MySpace > Facebook

Facebook sends me to sleep, zzzz

“Sharon woke up. Tracy is going to bed. Jack is eating cake”

Twitter is even worse. If I had a low IQ, I could probably enjoy those status updates, lol

No i am not on myspace , i am on facebook and twitter.

nah. I just have facebook and friendster account.

Im always updating my fb account. =)

I agree with AlexDawson. I never really used MySpace. I have been on Facebook for about 4 years now I think and Twitter for almost 2.

Facebook is the best replacement for any social network out there…

Wow I thought myspace was dead. I use facebook for my friends and family. I dont use twitter I think its so dumb and has no point.

Facebook only right now, but am planning to expand my social networking for business soon, just not sure exactly where that is going to take me.

Yes, I active on MySapce. As well as I active on lots of social networking sites.