First month's report - is it good, bad or ugly?

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Me (web designer/developer) & my friend (investment banker) recently launched a website a month back and named it as “”. It’s a fianance/ investment related website and our primary target audience are resident Indians and NRIs. Website just completed a month of it’s existence so we are very excited.

We must admit we are not that versed with Google Analytics and thus our lack of knowledge to understand how we performed so far. We do not have any previous data and we do not know to evaluate our website’s performance. So we thought to share with you and to know your thoughts/ suggestions/ feedbacks. We would really appreciate and love to know how do you analyze the performance of a month old website.

Thanks and below are few stats grabed from GA.

1,241 Visits
620 Unique Visitors
4,682 Pageviews
3.77 Pages/Visit
00:05:38 Avg. Time on Site
53.10% Bounce Rate
48.51% % New Visits

Traffic Source

48.35%Search Traffic
600 Visits

23.13%Referral Traffic
287 Visits

28.44%Direct Traffic
353 Visits

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The report shows your website are not bad! Normally the more unique visitors the better, the lower bounce rate the better (less than 50%), the more average time on site the better (more than 3min). Keep up the good work!

Very good.
You should focus on social media, by getting people to follow you on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Every website is unique - it has a different target audience, different content, different demographic, different goals, different baselines, so it’s very difficult to say what’s good for your site. What I would do now is to set that month’s data as a baseline, and look at the trends over coming months. Is your readership increasing? Are you getting more repeat visitors? Are people staying longer? You can only really measure your success in relation to how your own site did previously.

I disagree with that. If you have a low unique visitor number (relative to the number of visits) then you’re getting the same people coming back to your site again and again. If you have a high unique visitor number (relative to the number of visits) then most people are not returning to your site. That isn’t good. By and large, you want to create a loyal customer base that chooses to keep coming back - you’re far more likely to get good business (and recommendations) from them than if you only get people who flit in from Google and flit out and are never seen again.

We are going to focus, infact right now 50% traffic of referred sites are from FB. However Twitter is not doing well for the website. We will be concentrating more on promotions as we add more content.

Appreciate your time and feedback.

Thanks, yes I was not aware of bounce rate now as I see more concern on bounce rate i started reading more about it to understand and to take necessery steps to bring it down. We’ll update soon.


Thanks and I really appreciate your feedback. Yes you are right, infact the question may not be answered directly. As I said, we both have no knowledge on traffic related analysis, we both were not in position to even understand that how is stats in respective of a month old demographically targeted to India. We post articles so we dont even know if we are in a right track or not.

We will be recoding these stats to analyze in future.