What is important in an Analytics Report?

Hi all,

I’m working at improving my monthly reports to the boss. I have google analytics measuring all of our sites. Honestly, I’m the only one at this company who cares about the analytics. My boss only wants an overall traffic report. I think that so long as I don’t overload them with too much detail that I could provide a more insightful report.

I’m just curious what is deemed important for the bosses to understand from a monthly report.

We have no ads, no PPC and don’t sell anything online.

Your thoughts are appreciated!

What I would care about would be the month-by-month (or week-by-week) trends in visitor numbers, most popular pages, most common search queries, page views per visit and bounce rate. These will give some indication in the strengths of your website , why people are visiting it, and how successful it is at holding their interest.

The main thing in Google analytic is to look for traffic only. But you could do a lot with it.you could know from where the traffic is coming and from which region.From which site you are getting more traffic how much visitors are spending time on your site and many more thing.

It depends on what they want to achieve.

What’s the purpose of the website? Once you’ve got that clear, you can find data in your analytics that will help you measure how well the site is performing relative to that purpose.

We are exclusively wholesale. Our customers have to go thru an approval process. Our main site is for them; a few thousand of them. It’s primarily used as an online price book. Then product information and marketing materials that we create and allow them to us to help sell our products.

The second site is a comprehensive product catalog that does NOT allow products to be ordered on the site. It is an anonymous site - ie. our name, contact, and very existence is not mentioned anywhere. It’s for us to display our products to our customers and for our customers to pretend it is their product catalog (we have a lot of small customers who don’t invest much into web).

There are 3 other sites and a fourth I’m developing that are specific to one single product and are in the same anonymous context as the catalog site.

I’m still not sure what the purpose of the sites are (sorry!). Can you explain in words what “success” means for your sites? i.e. in real terms, what are your sites doing if they’re performing well?

I think your boss is really only after the growth of the site. So I would show your boss where the traffic came from for the current month and 2 prior months. And I would also show the overall traffic and time on site.

Do you get any organic searches? If so, you may want to look in your webmaster tools account also and find out the number of keywords you are being found on. If not, look at your top landing pages, top exit pages, bounce rate. Time on site may matter too. If you had a page with a large exit rate, you may want to figure out why that is.

Google analytic is a very useful tool to know the traffic, visits and bounce rate on your web pages. If you have made a good effort on your websites then you can show to your boss in brief by showing him no. of local visits and traffic which basically affects the leads generated.

What might also be useful is to set specific goals on analytics, if a user has to achieve anything particular on the site. You will find that goal setting comes with its own problems, but it can give quite useful information.

When you are focussing on the reports in Google Analytics it would be a good idea to focus on the positive and negative things on your site.For e.g. on the positive aspect u create a report showing the top landing pages of the site.On its negative aspect make a report focussing on the contents which are giving a high bounce back ratio.This will give a clear idea about the positive things on your site and also the bounce back ratio will help you to improve the site…Also focus on the traffic stats on a monthly basis,weekly basis will give you a clear idea about the site’s performance.

You can gather all information you would need for the report from Google Analitics, but I think, more important, the boss would want to know your thoughts on what to do with the information - translating the facts into goal setting. What can you improve from the facts?

how many traffic you r getting from search engines
how todays traffic campare to old traffic
how much bounce rate
how much visitors return ration
how many pages visitors visit
what is top leaving page

i firstly look at the page visits per day, per week, than bounce rate than organic traffic at the sources of visitors. If i were to make a report i will include the number visitors per week and month,how many visitors you get from search engines, other sources of visits, bounce rate, a list with most visited pages

If it is for your boss then he would he interested in knowing the growth of the traffic and the Goal Conversion (if any). Beside, the rest is for the SEO purpose like the traffic source, page views, keywords, most viewed pages. Based on this report you have to promote you site.

If the reports are for your bosses who donot care much about analysis I would suggest you give them the following details :
Traffic Trends
Conversion Ratio
Visitor Geolocation Info

Keywords for me! That way I know what my visitors are searching for that help them land on my real estate site. It helps me to know what to focus on when I am promoting my keywords. Cheers!

What it doesn’t tell you, of course, is what people searched for and didn’t find your site. If your site has two keywords, let’s say “management” and “consultancy”, you might find that 80% of your search traffic comes from people looking for “management”. That doesn’t actually help. Your site is already optimised for that word - what you need to know is whether you’re getting that split because more people search for “management” than “consultancy”, or whether it’s because your site performs better already for “management” than “consultancy”, in which case you should target the other keywords that aren’t performing as well.

You can compare to current month and previous month analytic report includes visitors, bounce rate, new visits, regional visits, traffic from search engine, referring site, etc…

analytics is measure of your website performance, boss is asking for this may be in near future he will be planning to sell something or going to have some other bigger plan in his head :slight_smile: