Dont understand this figure for stats

I have managed to get my Caribbean Resort site on the first page of google for “Caribbean resorts” yet i’m not experiencing hardly any traffic for those keywords even though google keyword tool says there are monthly hits global in region of 60,500 ! I am seeing about 251 visits per month there is a huge difference.

So what gives ? I am in 8th place for that. Am I to believe that people only click on the top few ? I certainly don’t use google like that or are googles figures wrong ? Cant see that being the case.

I had a similar story with another site. Am I reading my analytics wrong. I’m looking at the view per month which is default.

Another issue a competitor here and there figures. The main difference I can see from my figures is the number of indexed pages from google this site has just over 1000 my site has only 174.

Is my position in google accurate ? I see in my webceo it says position 25 which would make a lot of sense, but on my machine and mobile it comes at 8th.

thanks for any advice on getting my site better for making some long awaited money in advertising revenue.

Neither is right - they are both guesses based on the fact that there is no way of counting actual visitors. The truth is probably somewhere between the two.

Google Analytics relies on JavaScript and so doesn’t count anyone with JavaScript disabled at all.

Unique visitors are usually estimated from the number of different IP addresses used to access the site and so can’t take into account multiple visitors using the same address or one visitor using different addresses at different times.

Interestingly I checked the stats using my webhosts system and the differences are staggering.

hosts stats by Powered by AWStats. friday 1st oct 103 visits
Google analytics 19 visits

What can cause such disparity - I am checking unique visitors and total hits across two so im not mixing stats, there is always such a gap.

which is right ?

Well ok maybe I can rephrase this then

Has anyone who has a site who is number 1-3 in google for keywords they work with seen their hits something like what google is saying is the average per month ?

I’m just seeing such a disconect between analytics and the keyword tools for google.

As they are selling keywords to people to appear in the right and top of the page I can see why their figures might like to be shown most positively…

I have seen this happen a few times with my sites and the reason I think was because my title wasn’t as detailed as the competition and so the visitors would click somewhere else.

You’re only in 8th place where you are and that 60k is a global count of how many times that phrase is searched for. What’s the local figure?

Also, just because people search using that phrase doesn’t mean they’ll click on anything, plus the 8th spot gets only a small fraction of the clicks that the top spot will get.

All told it’s entirely reasonable that the visits you’re seeing are what you should be expecting.