Firefox is horrible!

If chrome, opera, or IE can only provide what firefox can, I will certainly dump FF. My RAM was 1G and FF was eating around 480MB at most. I upgraded and add another 1G (total of 2G now) and I can’t believe firefox is eating 1.2gig now… shocking…

Has anyone experiencing the same problem? I al’ready optimized my firefox and even changed the settings after an hour of research. After restarting my machine, I got around 200mb, but if my PC runs whole day, it is increasing and increasing… need to knock-off through task manager and start over… I don’t use any addon other than google toolbar and seo quake, and search status… horrible…

Which version of FF? Looks like your running Win7 from the screenshot, 32bit or 64bit?

Yeah, I am running windows 7 64bit / FF version 3.6.13

The first 2 to 3 hours after rebooting, FF is consuming 200-300mb, after around 6 hours, it starts to increase up to 800mb and above…

Do you view any sites that use a lot of javascript? Maybe there is a memory leak from javascript

I actually do not visit any new site almost everyday. Usually when I’m working with my sites, I only have up to 5 tabs (all my blogs), and when I am reading news or forums, I only have,, warriorforum, SP, facebook… I do not visit any other sites aside from my daily favorites… (mentioned)…

I always had this problem even with my old machine… my laptop has 4gig RAM and I am not experiencing this problem yet… I seldom use it anyway…

I think this is something they’re addressing with Firefox 4, which should be out pretty soon.

The more they upgrade, the more it causes problem. Software are telling us to buy bigger hardware - business at its best. The first time I used firefox, I never has this problem with my windows 2k with only 512mb of RAM and a 1.7 ghz of processor speed… now things are moving backward…

Most of the features in Firefox are copied from Opera in the first place so Opera might be a suitable replacement. The reason why Opera doesn’t have so many extensions as Firefox has is that most of the really useful ones are built in.

One suggestion. Do you have addons loaded in FF? Something might be causing a memory leak.

Memory leaks have been an issue since FF2.

I only uses the most important addons and plugins and I think these are not the major factor.

  1. seo quake
  2. searchstatus
  3. google toolbar
  4. AVG safe search

nothing more

Have you tried disabling them one by one and re-enabling them? May be moot but at least you’ll be able to eliminate those as a cause.

I run SEO Quake so I know that one is ok.

I tried but the thing is, I can’t really figure it out because the slowness does not happen immediately… It will take around 5 hours of continuous usage before it slows down…and memory usage is surging upto 1G

If you haven’t, try opening sysinternals process explorer window, which will let you keep an eye on firefox memory usage while you surf. Perhaps you can narrow the memory issue down to a particular page or website that’s eating your ram.

I think i have to deal with it until I got a mac…

Get help from given link if your Firefox is not working

Have you heard of Pale Moon browser? It’s the faster version of Firefox.

I still prefer to use FF over IE anyday i guess every browser will have good and bad points this is the reason why they keep bringing updates out.

yes firefox is very heavy but it also provide addon for IT professionals which is not on any other browser

Did you try disable seo quake and AVG safe search ?
Cos both of them really make so many query.

I agree with the OP
firefox takes too much of system critical resources but its kind of essential to use it because no other browser supports so much useful addons as firefox does!
second, it makes the browsing experience faster as well.
the only downside is its memory management, which i have observed is a little bit adjusted in firefox 4 beta series