Firefox hickups

I am and was always a big Firefox fan but after downloading the latest version I have nothing but trouble:

  1. Mouse becomes invissible when in the middle of the screen. Like it is some sort of A CSS definition where the content has a higher z-index than the mouse
  2. When looking at the running processes on my computer, Firefox is using arround 280,000 k compared to Chrome and Opera just using arround 50,000 k with the same number of windows open

My question is are there other people arround experiencing the same problems and what would be your advise?

No, I haven’t had any problems except getting used to a few changes (such as that when you want an extension, now it opens a new tab instead of a window).

I haven’t compared the figures of memory usage but I believe you. I will also say that the number may depend on the number of complements and extensions that you have installed.

Firefox has had excessive memory usage for me since FF3 was introduced. For example, right now on Windows 7 with 3 different Firefox windows having 3-4 tabs each process explorer shows Firefox eating 271,384K. FF 3.6.17. I haven’t tried FF4 yet.

I have 8 tabs open right now and it takes 292,0000-300,000 Kb (aprox)