Firefox crash issues

It’s been like 4 months now since I last used firefox without having any problems. If it hadn’t been updated from firefox 3.16 to firefox 4 itself I still would have been using it for work. Since Firefox 4 up until with firefox5, I get crash reports every 5 mins. I googled it and a lot of people are also saying they have the same problem. Does anyone figured out now how to fix this problem?

FF4 on my PC crashes all the time. But no problems with it on my Mac. Maybe its a bug in the software for windows. You could try reading this:

I use Linux on PC but Firefox crashes moved me to use Chrome as my main browser. Seems Firefox has also become a very bloated piece of software as well.

What OS are you using (and is it 32bit or 64bit), how much RAM have you got and how many tabs do you have open across all windows?

Is there any particular site that you have open or are trying to open each time it crashes or is it random sites?

What os are you suing ? Are using beta version ?
Check it out… beta versions were highly unstable…

I have to agree with you on that Linda.

I’m running on 2.80GHz, 512 RAM so I don’t think it has anything with the hardware. I can open at least 2 tabs and that’s it. On the third tab it crashes.

As I said in one of my previous posts, I didn’t have this problem until firefox updated my browser to firefox 4. Firefox 3.16 was alright then.

Next time you have FF open, have task manager open next to it (with it’s task memory consumption tab viewing) and watch the memory consumed. 512MB doesn’t sound like very much RAM for windows. Windows might be using nearly all the ram, leaving little left for any other applications.

That is a little on the low side for the ram. I had this problem too and I know this sounds stupid to say but uninstalling and reinstalling actually fixed it.

Thanks. I guess you’re right.

Just last week, I got myself a new pc with 2gb ram and now, I don’t seem to have the same firefox crash report issues anymore.

Didn’t think it could be with my ram. I feel like a fool now. :eye:

You shouldn’t feel like a fool. Firefox is garbage. What used to be a great browser is now a bloated piece of crap. It takes forever to free memory. Open up a few tabs, watch the RAM usage jump well over 120 MB, then close the tabs and see how long it takes for Firefox to release the memory. It sometimes crashes. And a major annoyance I’ve found is sometimes the balloon that asks you if you want to save the password for a site doesn’t ever close. You try to close it but it never closes. The only way to get rid of it is to kill your browser and start again.

Opera, on the other hand, is a very nice and efficient browser. It is much faster than Firefox and does a heck of a lot better managing memory. Opera has some bugs. But it is a lot better than Firefox.

I use Firefox when I do anything with web development. But for browsing the internet, it’s Opera for me.

Really? I’ve never really considered opera before. I have only used IE, FF, and Chrome. Tried Safari for some strange reasons. Think I might give it a try now. thanks.

I experience Firefox Software hanging / Crashing very option. Firefox must do proper testing before releasing the new version. Because, there are loads of plugin in Firefox. I feel, Plugin compatibility issue is the cause for software crash.


Since Firefox doesn’t crash in safe mode, my bet goes for an add-on or plugin.

Check this page out to make sure you have the most recent versions of your plugins: Update, as necessary.

If it doesn’t work, try to unistall all of your add-ons. Then install one by one, to identy which one is causing the problem.

Let us now if it worked =)