Feedback on basic site design

Good day,

I’m running a private homepage (hosting private pictures) for a few years now (Old Page) and I think it’s time for a complete rework. Unfortunately design itself is not my strong point :sweat_smile:

I’m open for any suggestion regarding the design (colors, menu items …) What I’ve got so far is this
New Page (Sublinks are not working right now)

Not sure if the blue color fits the site very well :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you in advance

It is said blue is cold and I tend to agree; so personally I would try a different colour and I actually prefer the old site apart from the font used in the header. When your new site is resized the navigation is lost.

I think both versions look a bit old fashioned but as I say that is my personal opinion.


That’s one of my biggest issues (the old fashioned look) but to be honest I have no idea what I shall try next. Maybe a logo on the upper left corner and the navigation on the right side next to the logo or I could wrap the navigation on the right side of the page.

Maybe I should use “Google” to get an idea how a modern webpage could look like (any contributions are still appreciated :slight_smile: )

PS: The navigation is not lost, it should appear on the upper right corner as a dropdown menu (at least for me)

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Ah yes a “hamburger” menu - I didn’t see it.

The site I am revamping now has a header block and the rest of the page has an image as the background - I overlaid a semi-transparent white layer over the background image so it does not overwhelm the content.

It still has a content section in the centre and a navigation area on the right but it is not bounded with any borders/boxes. I may just have the navigation in the header and change the header box. I feel that the borders tend restrict the page?

This forum is similar - it has “boxed” content but there are no boxes or borders.

I should say I am not very good at design but I know what I like when I see it!

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I see, seems to be a good idea to ban all the borders or visible boxes, maybe work with slightly different colors instead. Working on a flyout menu to minimize the space I need (maybe only 2 or 3 visible links, the other stuff will be hidden until you hover the menu link)

I like the idea “header block - content area” and I could include the footer stuff into the area right below the logo (or anywhere else). So I have 3 blocks (header with logo, nav bar below, content area) and the “recent update” area gets an own page hidden within the flyout, clean and functional layout.

Me neither, I’m horrible at design but thanks god this is only my private page so it only has to fulfill my needs :smile: Just want to have something different

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Rubble gave me some ideas a navigation could look like (and maybe I should choose something “new” for my homepage). I’m trying an inexpensive plugin right now and figured out 2 ideas:

First idea: Show a large world map and colorize every country I’ve been to. After clicking on a country a new page will open to give you the opportunity to choose your gallery (example “Berlin Zoo”, “Vienna City” …) –>

Second idea: Show all 5 continents and if you click on one you will be redirected to another page showing a larger map where all the places I’ve visited are marked. Once a marker is clicked a new page will open with all the subgalleries (example: you click on Berlin and will only see 2 or maybe 3 galleries instead of the 20 right now) –>

Don’t mind the colors and the design, it’s just about how to navigate through my galleries.
Any comments?