Feedback on a landing page

For a client, a small on-site and e-learning training company, I created a landing page which will be used in an Adwords campaign.

My customer would like to have an external opinion on it from people having done landing pages: does it show all what is required to make a LP succesful or are we missing the target ?

Actually they are 3 LPs: one for on-site courses, one for e-learning and one for public institutions, they are basically the same, only part of the text is changing.

I would welcome any feedback you could have on it. It is in Spanish by the way.
See it here

I’ve temporarily unlisted this, @Corobori, as we need a bit more information.

Please can you explain which aspects of the page you would like feedback on? I’m somewhat confused by the fact that ypou’ve posted in Marketing.

Please take a look at the guidelines for review requests in the FAQs, and edit your post to give more specific guidance on the feedback you require.

I changed the text a little.

Why marketing ? Because I saw other discussions about landing page in that section and I thought LPs are basically used alongside Adwords campaigns or email therefore I felt that the “Marketing” section was the most appropriate.

If you think my request won’t go anywhere feel free to delete it completely.

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OK - thanks for the further clarification.

I’ll leave it in Marketing for now, but if it doesn’t seem to be attracting a useful response, it could be moved to Design & UX.

on the landing page itself: it looks good. Clean and simple. Can’t say anything about what’s written, couldn’t understand it.
It’s also probably better to move it to Design & UX for more feedback on your work.

Thanks for your message.
Actually I found a better way to get my Landing Page evaluated. I posted it in kickofflabs and got it actually reviewed during their “Live Landing Page Reviews” yesterday.

Had an interesting feedback and modify my LP accordingly, the new one is here:

Keep in mind that reviewing a LP is more than design and user interface that is why I posted here instead of Design & UX forum.

Good for you, dude! I’ll probably check that. Might come in handy soon. :slight_smile:

Why not make a dropdown on the courses listed? Too long? I just thought it might make the users interact more on the page.

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