Feedback for my Startup Launch Page

Please Check my launch page and give feedback. Any Critique is welcomed.

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The website looks good. The video is great and explains the main points really well.

I would recommend adding some links to other pages with supporting content, such as Pricing, Key Benefits, FAQ etc… These other pages may help to answer the reader’s questions so that they feel confident that they understand what is on offer. Otherwise without these support pages of information, the user has to make a decision - either enter their email address based on the limited information in the video, or exit the website. I think that a significant percentage of visitors will exit the without these supporting pages of information.

Perhaps you could add these menu buttons across the top of the site or down the side.

Other than that, well done on a very nice site.

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Thanks GavThomas15 really appreciate your detailed feedback. I will work on trying to figure out how to give little more details for users to make a better decision whether to signup or not. But usually as for pre-launch pages there is just an introduction and rest is a mystery to get people bit excited. We are working on the landing page but this just the pre-launch page to get bunch of signups for early adopters. Here are few pre-launch examples but the one I really got inspired by was Harry’s Launch Page which generated 100K signups in one week (ISN’T THAT CRAZY!). They have provided every bit of details along with the source code here if anyone interested.

Have a good one!

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