Feedback about our newly re-designed website

We are a web design company based in Chennai, recenty we have re-designed our website to make the site more catchy.

We’ve used a color combination of dark blue, blue and yellow. Kindly go through the website and let me know whether the color combination works and your other valuable suggestions as well.

I only had time for a quick look at the site, but I noticed a couple of things.

I found the moving text “We Deal With …” difficult to read against the moving background. I think it might be easier if that phrase remained static, and only the different options were animated. The way the text moves left and then right again makes it particularly difficult for me.

Although I’m not generally a fan of dark coloured sites, I do like the dark blues and purples of your opening screen. However, the sections with plain yellow background are much to stark a contrast, IMHO, and are quite jarring. I’d keep that strong yellow for small highlight areas, such as the buttons, icons and logo, where it does work well as a contrast.

Everything about your website from the responsiveness to the poor grammar screams cheap, off shore low quality work. You seem like the type of company that makes many promises to customers without the ability to back them up. Something I would very much expect from your type of company. So if that is what you are going for spot on.

I really liked the design and colors and layout, very modern. Good job. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good. Fix some overlapping elements.

The site looks pretty good and I’m sure it will work well for you.

I’m not sure why you mention Chennai in the very top text unless you’re looking for local customers only of course. I would think you first want folks to look you over and then maybe they’ll want to know where you are located.

I’m not a fan of Wordpress sites but they can be done quite nicely. However, I suggest changing your login url so that users can’t just type in ‘’ to confirm that it’s a Wordpress site and hackers might find it easier to hack.

Good luck.

You’ll need to bump the main headlines smaller so they fit on a mobile screen. When screen is narrowed, it stops at “global.” Your responsiveness is otherwise very good.

“Web designing company in Chennai

… tells me:

  • English is a second language to you (poor grammar sentence construction)
  • You don’t know how to use a blurb to establish your brand
  • It’s a very boring introduction to your site, not catchy, so I don’t expect professionalism from your company
  • It is therefore a poor first impression

Reading several sections, I see more poor grammar, especially with missing punctuation marks. Again, this screams startup and not professional.

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