Give feedback on my website design

This is a project im working on where i build a question and answer website for students.
the overall style is meant to be very user friendly with everything being “happy” themed with positive colors and gives a very casual inviting feel.

I am here to ask for any feedback on the website (at this point it is now just html and css but i will add php for it to all work properly).

People are going to have a really hard time trying to read your site because the font color contract, especially directly on the blue, isn’t enough. The gey on the white is easier, but I don’t think it’s enough contrast.

Please check your colors in this tool. If it says pass cross the board, you’re good. But that blue/grey combo is going to fail:

Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to comment on.

  • There’s an odd glow around deck. A drop shadow might work better than a glow, and perhaps a different color
  • There’s a lot of blue there. You should be able to use more than that. I’m guessing you’re setting up for mobile use, but don’t forget that there are those relics like me who do more browsing on a computer than on a phone. Make it work on both. Use percentages for the width instead of hard coded values, but put a max-width in px to prevent it from getting TOO wide.
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