Website Review

This is a shopify based website. This website is used for displaying Indian Ethnic wear.
I need help from you, in order to make changes to the website.

Changes are welcome, Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum,

Please specify the help required.

Some pretty obvious things:

  • the site lacks an introduction. You need to be clear about what you are selling and give people a reason to explore further.
  • the logo is too blurry, and tbh, doesn’t really seem to stand for the sort of stuff you are selling
  • I trust you’ll get a better URL when this goes live? The current one will never do.

Hi @shivareddy76076, and welcome to the forums.

Would I be right in thinking that this is part of a college assignment? If so, we would understand that you might need a bit more explanation of our replies than we would typically give to a commercial site.

Please let us know what kind of feedback would be most helpful to you - design, content or whatever.

Hi @TechnoBear,

You would be right in thinking that this is for a college assignment. I have a post on Sitepoint regarding the same assignment,

Basically we are supposed to learn as much as we can from the community while building a fake (i.e. don’t actually sell anything) website built using a hosted platform (Shopify, WooCommerce for Wordpress, etc.). Unfortunately we are not allowed to review our own websites, but I (and I’m sure my peer) would appreciate any feedback anyone may have for us!

The feedback I’m looking for specifically is around design, layout, and navigation.

I hope that helps clear things up!

Thanks for the information, @quidditch.

If we know we’re dealing with students, rather than folk working in the industry, we can try to make our feedback more helpful and less critical.

Yeah, this is for an college assignment

@ralphm: The logo is provided by the client and I would discuss about this with her and make necessary chances

How about introducing featured products on the homepage with a quick Add to Cart button along with the collections.

Also the images are the main attraction, you need to use good images so that it tempts user to click.

A few observations about the site.

I don’t dislike the logo, but it is very “feminine” for a site which also sells menswear. Also, the white background on the logo looks odd against the grey background area. There is very little contrast between the two background colours. I would either change the logo background to blend in with the general background or, if you want it to stand out, add a narrow border around it.

Having “Accessories” first in your “featured collections” section seems an odd choice; it would seem to me that they’re “added extras” and should come after the main clothing sections. The border round the women’s wear photo looks out of place, as the pictures for the other two sections have no border.

Your prices all show “default title”, which you should change. Also, where there is just one fixed price, there is no need for a dropdown; that’s a little confusing. And I notice you’ve used both “kurthi” and “kurti” on your page. I understand they are both acceptable spellings, but the mixture looks odd; you should use a single spelling throughout.

There is nothing in your information to say what fabrics the garments are made from. As a customer, that would be one of the first things I would want to know. Care instructions (hand wash, dry clean only, etc.) would also be important to me. The biggest omission, though, seems to be in the lack of sizes. I would expect to have a choice of sizes for each garment, and if they are only available in one size, I would expect information stating what the size is. Also, where appropriate, other details such as garment length.

You might like to take a look at this article, which will help you understand and write good alternative text for your images:

For a real boutique, you would also require Terms of Service, with information such as delivery charges, refunds or exchanges policy, etc.

The navigation is good. It’s clear and easy to use to find various kinds of garment.

Overall, it’s quite a pleasant site, but a bit bland and unexciting for a fashion boutique.

@ralphm: Thanks for the suggestions, I changed my logo background color and also in order to provide a description of my website I added an image to the slider, that can provide a brief introduction to my website

Thanks Shiva

Thanks I would make necessary changes @TechnoBear