Favorite GoDaddy Alternative?

I’ve been with GoDaddy for years now and I’ve always been happy with their domain name service. The registration is fast, easy and cheap. However, I’m actually embarrassed to be their customer after the SuperBowl commercials.

Who do you recommend for a GoDaddy alternative?

GoDaddy may be #1 in market share but they’re most certainly not #1 in customer service. See NoDaddy and the [URL=“http://forums.nodaddy.com/”]NoDaddy Forums.

There are a lot of registrars to choose from. Obviously, domain names can be potentially valuable so choosing a solid registrar is in fact important. Anybody is pretty much better than GoDaddy, except Network Solutions which is junk too. The reason GoDaddy is so popular is because it advertises like crazy.

I personally recommend Hover, the retail division of Tucows, for domain name registrations. They make an excellent GoDaddy alternative and are probably one of the best GoDaddy alternatives out there. I recently transferred all of my domains there and couldn’t be happier. They actually [URL=“http://help.hover.com/2010/04/26/no-wait-customer-service/”]answer the phone when you call, not a machine.

It is easy to find a Hover Coupon on the Internet via Google. There are a lot of 10% off ones.

Regardless of who you transfer to, be careful to turn off private registration @ GoDaddy first. If Private Registration or any other services connected to the domain name are still active, they can and often deny the transfer and put a 60 day lock on your domain name. This is common and a way of GoDaddy trying to force you to remain their customer. It’s nonsense.

Well for me, Resellerclub all the way ! The 3 years that I have spent with them have been amazing and I am very satisfied. In competition to GoDaddy, this is the best alternative with regards to support, pricing and impressive interface ! :slight_smile:

I like 1and1

If you want a very professional registrar with comparable prices, check out Moniker.com. Customer support is great, user interface is much desirable compared to GoDaddy’s, and another feature I love is that they allow tasting. Not that I use it all that much, but what it is handy for is when you make a mistake and register the wrong name, at least you can get most of your money back. (They charge a small tasting fee, which is why I don’t use it all that much.) GoDaddy has never offered this.

i use godaddy and dotster

Possibly eNom.

I use ENOM

I’ve always used Namecheap

Namecheap.com and www.misk.com (formerly registersite.com) here.

I’d suggest eNom as well. I’ve used them for the last 5 years (give or take?) and don’t have any complaints.

If anything, they win by actually having a useable control panel… leaps and bounds better than GoDaddy’s.

Moniker, 1and1, dynadot.

fabulous.com and directnic.com

I’m using GoDaddy, Netfirms and Namecheap and all of them are good in some way, though last two are easier to use then GoDaddy.

But I don’t understand why would you change registrar if your are satisfied with them, why you should be embarrassed to be their customer after the SuperBowl commercials?

I wouldn’t recommend 1and1 their customer support is very sketch. GoDaddy is still the best.

I can’t understand: you are pretty happy about your existing domain name registrar but you look for the new one…

name dot com for my godaddy’s alternative

He’s not happy now, hence the question.

I use hostgator to host and godaddy to register domain names.

what do you care what their tv ads are as long as their service is good ?