How legit is

Their prices are very low and that’s the only thing that makes me think twice about registering some domains with them. I have to register three domains in the very near future, and I have been using for the past several years, but their prices right now don’t exactly fit my budget.

I’ve been using them for years…

I have two domain names from them. No problems.

I’ve had many domains with GoDaddy, perfectly reliable, however there is also where you can get domains for $8.88/yr and I have 4 domains there, and it’s reliable there too ;).

They’re both (NameCheap and GoDaddy) enom resellers if I’m not mistaken.

Namecheap has been fine. Their email forwarding didn’t seem to work though, even after the promise that it would work immediately when you get your account - not that it mattered, since I got my webhost pretty soon after).

As for GoDaddy, I haven’t used them but they are pretty reliable from what I’ve heard from webhosting forums.

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I have all 17 of my domains with them. No problems. Bob Parsons is a great guy to have at the helm.


I have 2 domains with GoDaddy. Lowest prices I’ve paid yet :).

I’ve been with them for more than 2 years and have about 13 domains with them. Never experienced any kind of problem.

Great! Thank you all. :slight_smile:

Ditto on the great marks for GoDaddy. I have about 12 registered names, and my employer has over 120, all with GoDaddy. They make it very easy to manage the domains.

I don’t use them but I have had clients register domains with them and they have had no troubles. They’re much more legit than and network solutions who have both had legal troubles regarding anti competitive behaviour

I have over 15 domains with them. I’ve also used there backordering service and it swiped a deleted domain before NameWinner.


No idea about NameCheap, but I’m 99.9% sure GoDaddy is ICANN accredited.

I have 53 domains registered with GoDaddy and I have never had any problems at all.

Ive got tons of domains with them, and they are perfectly reliable.

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Make that 100%.

i have a few domains with godaddy (for the last two years) and i’ve never had any problems.

same here :agree:

1. Apply for Registrar Accreditation. You must complete an ICANN Registrar Accreditation Application and send it to ICANN along with a non-refundable US $2,500 application fee.

Holy cow! It’s good to be ICANN :rolleyes: So much for the small business owner trying to compete.

That’s without mentioning the fact that you have to prove them that you have at least $100,000 bucks in your company’s account.