Fastest DNS manager/ domain registrar

Please help list the best domain registrars with the best and fastets DNS registrars. What i mean by fastest is when you make changes to your domain name like new nameservers or IP the changes are made in minutes or even seconds.

I am tired of, they have the worst DNS in the world. First of all when you buy a domain with them, you will have to wiat like a day or two for your to be able to access the domains with their URL. Then when you make DNS changes you will have to wait almost 3 three days to be able to change back. They have the worst DNS manager in the universe, not just earth but possible outspace, they are that bad.

Now godaddy is like the best i have seen so far. Thay have very fast DNS manager.

So does anyone know like a few more registrars with fast DNS managers?

DNS propagation takes time.

If you’re in the habit if making changes frequently, point the DNS entires to your server or host’s local DNS.

It takes time but some registrars are just j*****s and that is the case for Godaddy is awesome so far and does everything in lightning speed.

By the way how do i point the DNS enteries to my server when the whole point of changing DNS is changing things like those names.

Get the DNS server names from your host, and plop them into the nameserver entries for the domains at your registrar. That will allow you to manage your domains and DNS records on your host.

I use for most of my domains - very fast DNS updates - also, their name server just seem very fast when resolving hostnames - their DNS is one of the reasons I use them.

you can try enom …there DNS updates are real fast.

I use for registration, they apply the changes quite quickly - there is always the dns propagation delay that can’t be avoided however.

I run on godaddy and when i change name servers or do something with the dns it usually takes no more than 6 hours.