Facebook controls the relationship

Facebook plays a huge role in personal relationships and our work, and this role continues to grow up. People are very hard to leave Facebook because all their friends are on Facebook. So, still no better way for people to connect with friends, share with them and update everything in their lives, in addition to Facebook. The relationship is not only an extension of the relationships we have in real life, but more and more relationships are created, and only exists on Facebook.

Always be careful on information using facebook and google. The information is not private

Its a good for old relationship for continuty and which has not started on the web.Most of the web relation are fake so don’t go through that.That’s why I am taking away my child (15-20) to make a fake relationship in facebook.

I think that Linkedin is better social network to maintain business relationships.

Google Plus is also better when it comes to business relationships. Most of the people there are professionals. The “hangouts” functionality is also available, without an alternative on Facebook.

For me facebook is where my customer base is. I am putting a heavy amount of time each day on it. I am developing relationships here. I do income taxes for locals.

Valid points, Facebook does have a strong grapple hold on peoples relations, but only if people use the site!

My concern here is my marketing plan needs 200 locals as friends. I have a personal Facebook page. My plan is based on sharing tax information and tax cartoons etc. I am sending messages to friends of friends of locals to add me I am doing this rather than directly requesting them as friend. I want to be below the radar of Facebook problems.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Face book is a great source of community and gathering among people with each other but it is not much secure way for personal sharing.

Exactly people tell way too much on Facebook. It becomes public information. I have seen where people bad mouth the company they work for and post they are on vacation, etc

I agree that FB is for informal staff. I think that if a person is the company representative, he/she should create two accounts and split what to share.

Facebook is a good platform of business people,use careful and fill up your money locker

Social networking sites can allow for great personal expression but when it comes to relationships it seems there are some pretty major negatives.

Yeah this is a private network. so much relations come and go all are fake. i chat to lot of fakes. so mans come to talk with me very closely i believe them but they behave like silly in after some days.so i hate this facebook silly friends. its create some time good friends but some time make silly kind of friends.

I do Income taxes part time out of my home. I have a personal Facebook site. I have been adding friends of friends to my site. They are locals. Tax season starts Jan. 15th. I plan to share tax articles and tax cartoons with my friends. During tax season how often do I send my share information. Do I repeat the shared information? Do people spend most of their at on Facebook at work?

How it can be checked that profile is fake or genuine.?

Common sense. People do stay up late at night on fraud. Fraud is a serious issue.There is no way to check 100 percent unless your know that person.

I feel Facebook is the biggest country in world, I have a lot and business on Facebook. Everyday, I spent around 3 - 5 hours a day for talking with my friends and build up new relationship

For me facebook is where my customer base is. I am putting a heavy amount of time each day on it. I am developing relationships here. I do income taxes for locals.