Facebook Review

I think facebook can change our lives,are you agree ?

I think it already has. Case in point: we’re talking about it right now…

For the rest of the community let’s expand this out:

How has Facebook impacted you professionally? Personally? How do you see this evolving over time?

And since this is the content forum, how has it changed what you publish, share and perhaps even think of as “content”?

Personally, Facebook has helped me to reconnect with friends from my high school and college. Some of them may share the same interest or in the same industry as myself but all these were undiscovered back then.

Professionally, since I’m in the realm of Internet marketing, I guess something that is interesting and worth nothing is that Facebook seems to have established itself ahead of Google in the heads of my clients (small business owners). Every new client that I managed to sign up will tell me something like, hey, what about Facebook?

As far as content is concern, I’ve also started taking cues from the number of likes and comments to determine what I share on Facebook Pages as well as what I publish on my blog.

Without a doubt, Facebook has definitely changed my life in a huge way.

Am not sure about on that, but it made some changes in profile…like our details with closed to our nearest things.

Not sure I understand how this relates to the topic?

Yes of course, we can make new relations world wide, meet them learn new things and we can share our thoughts and knowledge also. In that way facebook can change our lives.

Facebook can’t change your life until you allow it. I have started using facebook recently but my life is still same just little bit change in my routine & habits.

You are right in that however, change in your life doesn’t have to be a bad thing or a frivolous thing. If you use Facebook regularly and, IMO, in the right way, it can make dramatic, positive changes in your life. Since I have begun using Facebook, I am more in tune with what goes on in the world of technology, politics, as well as various hobbies and interests. It allows me to reconnect and keep up with the activities of my friends all over the world in my choice of either a business or social level and introduces me to new contacts on a global scale as well.

hummm…its difficult to say. As business point of view it is awesome thing to generate traffic towards your online business. But when I think personally it helps to stay connected with our friends but I have seen many of addicted of social networking websites.

Yes facebook can change our life, with facebook i have connected with my old friends also with my family members who are living far from me.

Facebook did change some lives, but there could be some who still live the way they have been living even before Facebook has been launched. Personally, Facebook changed mine, but in a very positive way. The same goes with all sites that include in social media. Outsourcing actually introduced me to it (when I first got a job in an outsourcing company). I learned how powerful it can be when it comes to all business aspects. I think it can do the same way to every person if it is used properly.

Yes ! i do agree with you, Facebook has everything what a user want from a social networking sites. User friendly,easy to handle (Not like Google Plus: +1 button hard to find if you are a newbie), best for promoting businesses through Personal accounts,groups,pages.

Yes I am Agree With this… Professionally and Personally we connect with so many people through facebook. it’s a better way to get traffic and be updated :slight_smile: actually Linkedin also is a great place for professional people.

Facebook has changed our lives. Do you remember The Arab Spring?

That was probably one instance, but let’s not get political, okay? Let’s stick to how it has changed things technologically for businesses and websites.

I have so many friends on facebook. But unfortunately I have very little business from them. Facebook can divert traffic from page to website but it could not convert that traffic into business.

Sounds like you’re trying to treat your Facebook presence in the same way as a marketing campaign… Social offers many benefits but direct sales are not always the right path [not often]. What were you doing to build conversation and a following?

Facebook change my life a lot. My problems with my boyfriend come from facebook. I caught him cheating me mw when the girl upload their pictures together and I saw it through facebook, this happen many time so facebook really affect us.

Facebook really change the way the people live. For business that wants to be in Facebook because their target area was in it, they tend to do some sort of crowd activity (liking activity and a lot more promotional stuffs.) just to take the attention of Facebook users. For me it change me a lot, the way i communicate, the way I read news, etc. What’s great with Facebook is that it will gave you everything (maybe not everything but the most thing you can have for them) that is useful for you to communicate with others and be aware of almost everything. :slight_smile:

There is no doubt that content on Facebook has changed the manner of communications and our normal life. Facebook helps people find friends they may have lost touch with. But it also helps people make new friends.