Facebook advertising

I have a Facebook page for my company but it brings 0 traffic, would it be best for a paid prescription through Facebook to get some views?

Why is traffic to your website your goal? How does leaving Facebook bring value to someone who is using Facebook?

My average views per day are 5 views, so getting traffic to my site is very important to spread the word to iPhone users, if paying for advertising through facebook and other sites is the only way than thats what I must do, or just wait years and years to get noticed all over the internet is my only other option it seems, My site needs more than the normal traffic to make any earnings, I need thousands of visitors a a day, The website is Nauticalapps.com . Thanks

So Facebook may not be the right answer for you. If you are going to go the paid route, perhaps Google AdWords may be more effective. Your apps seem targeted towards a niche audience (which can be good); have you considered advertising with nautical sites or partnering up or starting up your own nautical blog?

Facebook certainly has the eyeballs to advertise to and you can run a decent off-site program but that’s not the best use of the network.

The biggest benefits of Facebook come from ongoing interaction rather than broadcast messages. People go to Facebook to socialize, to view a friend’s photo, to find a funny video and if you can offer up something engaging yourself that’s on point, you stand a far better chance of starting a dialogue with the user that lets you show your value over time. That gives you a better chance at a sale plus the opportunity for viral spread from user to user.

If you’re entire goal is to click and ditch, you only get one shot.

Still, if that’s what seems right, throw $50 into a Facebook ads account, fire up 3 or 4 copy versions and pick a CPC or CPM model as you see fit. Target things down with the demographic features to reach potential installers, track from click to install as best you can and you’ll know how you’re doing in a couple days.

If you want thousands of visitors a day, they can do that easy enough.

Dear TWeber_TheSBA

Thanks for the comment ! Definitely a niche website, A nautical blog is a genius idea with the site, I will be on it very quickly, The problem with Adwords is a $100 bill could go in 2 minutes, so that route is not good for me, A Nautical blog could become huge in a short time, Thanks again for the help!

Your set your own cap so you only spend what you want and Facebook is not different.

Of course you did say that you wanted thousands of visitors… that’s not going to come without spending at least hundreds dollars should you chose the advertising route.

It requires quite a bit of work to advertise on your own, which is why companies can get away with charging so much to advertise for you. I would recommend that in sync with using something like adwords (if you have the money to invest in your site/company) that you should also really try to advertise on your own. Don’t expect a company to bring you your traffic solely on their own.

As mentioned, a niche aimed blog would be good, as well as advertising on like sites/forums or even following/liking things of a similar nature. With the use of a simple back link, these things increase over time and you can start bringing in your own traffic. Just keep working with it.

Have you ever used the Facebook advertising platform? There’s nothing complex to it… write an ad, pick a few demographics, set a bit price… certainly simpler than AdWords which has grown to become very sophisticated [and those of us who advertise in volume are very happy with those features too].

it seems like you are looking to get traffic from facebook which is good but before you do that you need to know what kind of visitors you want in your website (demographics) based on that you can go for Facebook Advertising as suggested by Ted. it’s really simple and you can get quality traffic to your website also.
it’s less complex but the out come is really effective as you can target specific people who are interested in your product / service. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the tips everyone! It really helps! I am not sure if my site will ever catch on but worth a shot for one year I guess, It sure is easier to find a particular Marine app on my site over the App Store for sure.

Have you added a Facebook widget to your company site or blog?

I can help you when you get traffic by turning the it into FB fans but you have to get the traffic first!

Have you thought about joining facebook groups that are in similar line to your facebook page? They are also others that are able to promote your page and get the eyeball and interactions required to build buzz. Worth exploring all your options, if there is a market for what you have then they should be some sort of interest as well.

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