How much traffic does Facebook bring to your site per day?

I am going to use Facebook to improve the traffic of my site. But I’ve never done that before. So I want to know how much traffic can Facebook bring to your guy’s site in one day?

I didn’t like it; got me 100 visitors per day for a week and didn’t get the results I wanted, But it’s very depending on the niche

A good example of how to use Facebook is to look at SitePoint’s page. They hold contests, give updates, get to know their employees, etc. They build a different type of relationship with the user on FB than on their website. It is a little more informal. They don’t say come to my site but ultimately the people who follow them on FB most likely will gravitate to their site. Ultimately, FB becomes an extension of your business.


What didn’t you like?

What social network only got you 100 visitors a day?

You are right site point is a great example of a network model.

When I am actively submitting to FaceBook, I usually read on my google analytics and hostgator 2-3 clicks to my main website. I really have been discouraged with using social bookmarking sites. You really got to take the time too…

  1. Fill out your profile for good appearance
  2. Ping your bookmarking sites, I recommend it’s a great way to get your message across free and fast!
  3. View other users in that specific site content.

Whether it’s blogs on squidoo or stumbleupon you have to spend most of your time networking with other people, which at times can be exhausting.

Please everyone, feel free to add more suggestions to the list. Let’s help everyone out on this.:cool:

Don’t just use face book for driving traffic. Face book is a fantastic platform to promote your business.

It can be used as a platform for customer relationship management; you can maintain a close relationship with your customers both existing and potential and inform them about new releases, launches or anything new about your business. A few restaurants even book tables through face book.

Expand your network. Slowly build a huge fan base. Your posts should be relevant, interesting and useful. Don’t promote yourself too much that your friends and fans might lose interest . It is a long process. Don’t expect quick results.

Don’t mistake traffic to your site with value from facebook. People using facebook are doing so to engage with content on the site, so while you can get traffic from it, you can also get lots of engagement, participation, even sales / signups (with the right apps) via facebook. Look at the goals of your business and think about how people would use facebook in regards to them, don’t just try and turn it into a link source.

I have been working on gaining fans. I now have 900. I only get 10-40 hits a week from my facebook though. I find my main site, my business, does not get much traffic. But the events I host do bring in a lot.

Hosting and bringing some participation is what will drive people to want to know more.

How does social bookmarking relate to the topic of the thread?

My page has 22 fans so far… aiming for 1,000 by the end of the year!

Masthideals Fan Page :

social book marking is an effective way in search engine optimization and it also plays an important role in internet marketing.

first,create your facebook fan page and put their refresh content and try to expand your network.As many fans will be there so many traffic you ll get.


Tens of thousands of visitors on a slow day, more on a day with a promotion or contest. But of course it really depends on your page… are you running 500 fans or 500,000?

It depends on how much your audience are engaged to your products via your facebook profile. The more the audience involved the more traffic will lead to your business. :slight_smile:

Facebook is the Good way to convert traffic to your website. I’m getting aroung 10-20 traffic per day from facebook