How to get more facebook likes/website viewers/etc

I recently come across several different websites to increase the traffic on your website, or increase your facebook page likes. Some of you may know about this, but others’ may not.

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Once you register, you start off with ‘x’ amount of coins, and in order to gain more coins, you have to look at other members’ websites/like their stuff, etc. In order to obtain likes/views/etc, you need to post the link where necessary, set a value for coins per click, and you’re done.

For example, you might have posted a facebook link, and for members to get coins, they have to like your page. Once they like your page, they get the coins off of you, the value depending what you set it to.

I have never tried that service, but even if you manage to get few extra fans, what good does it make when they are not your target group?
My opinion is that you should be looking for people that can turn into clients later on. Otherwise chasing just a big number is pretty pointless. Try organizing contests - I use this platform and its very useful. For smaller FB groups it’s even free.

If you have budget available you can put some Facebook ads up. At least they can be targeted.

The thing is, these people could be potential customers. I would prefer to get potential customers for free, than pay to get customers. Plus, having a big number of likes could benefit.

It’s better to do the natural way. Try to be involve with other FB users in their pages. This will increase your traffic.

Explain why it’s ‘better’?

I’ve always maintained that buying likes, followers and the like is a stupid move, and is nothing more than a waste of money. It’s always obvious when someone has bought likes/followers, and quite frankly it makes me think that the person understands nothing about marketing.

I don’t spend money to get likes, I merely like other people’s stuff to get coins, which I use to get likes.

I don’t think that is a legitimate way of increasing traffic to a website. That sounds like a marketing strategy for that website.
There are a bunch of ways to drive traffic to a site. A few of those involve link building, forum posting, blog commenting and social media marketing.
You just have to keep updated of your site with a very interesting content that invites every visitor to visit again the site.

Its all depends upon how many members you will attracted to your facebook page and at the same time how your able to satisfy those users with your post… If your posting something which attracts users at same time useful. it will bring you more likes.

It is useless to have fans from such kind of websites, the reason is it wont give you any benefit. You will never be able to find relevant people to like and visit your website. Most of them use fake accounts, and few who are real, they will unlike your Facebook page in future because what you are posting is of no use to them.


Just though Id let you know my experience with buying facebook likes. I tried It to get my friends Facebook page for his business of the ground, I bought something like 8000 likes from different people on fiverr, and nearly all have vanished, waste of money.

I tried a few other websites and pretty much the same outcome. Best one I probably came across was ranksocialservices, was a bit more expensive than the others, still quite cheap though, and most of the likes seemed to be from real people and have all stayed on the account. A lot of comments from users as well which was nice. There was another one that was quite good as well, but i cant seem to remember the domain name, Il see if i can find a record of it on my paypal if anyone needs it.

Anyway hope this helps

The Share This plugin works fine for sharing the page that people are on. If you are looking to have the functionality of people becoming a fan of your fan page from your website though, you have to go the manual coding route.

You can do it with the simple iframe version without the application / Javascript, you just lose that feature of having it auto collapse if there are no friends displayed that like the page.

I know of other such cases. Most of the time your likes will disappear in a matter of weeks.

FB disappointed me. Probably I’m not good in promotion in FB, but it seems full of fake accounts, thus, FB fans don’t reflect real traffic.
I don’t see any reasons to buy likes. If you cant approach your clients in natural way in FB, try another social network as I did. For my business Linkedin is the perfect one.

buying Facebook likes or followers doesn’t give you any reward but just a waste of money. So i suggest you to share the content on daily basis on Facebook, twitter or Google plus. continue to increase you network, join the groups, follow the people in response they follow you etc.

Buying any types of likes or followers for facebook or twitter are not effective. By this only useless traffic are coming to your facebook or twitter. Some viewers like your page and after few hour they turn back. 1 out of 10 are at your page that is waste of money and time they increase your bounce rate for the profile and page. If you want to increase the traffic to your facebook page post unique and informative content. Post those content which people like or want to know about.

you are right shelly…

Which makes those likes worthless.

Time is money to a business, and if your boss knew they were paying for you to do something that offered no tangible value he/she would stop you immediately.

Well, it’s clearly not working, because no one is buying it, and the link is now gone.


Forum posting and blog commenting are NOT ways to drive traffic. They are spam, nothing more, and nothing less.

The Fact Likes is not easy to earn if you don’t act, If other choice to buy likes maybe they need more likes or an emergency likes for an event or competition, If they win? what next? How much money you waste for buying likes? then how much money price for that event? … Maybe you get profit. right?


Well, I may be wrong, but in one way or another, those that I’ve mentioned could increment the visitors of a website, as far as my understanding is concerned. My point is that when a person tries to post comments and build links from a website, it’s an indirect way of inviting users to visit a website. As long as it is done well with precautions and as long as the topic is relevant and essential enough to the topic discussed. If your purpose is to establish rapport and build a customer/client relationship, I don’t think that would be considered as spam. Unless, of course, you are referring to people who just post comments with links that are not significant and relevant to the discussion, especially if the sole purpose is to only submit their links without any careful thoughts or consideration of what they are getting into.