Which Social site You think best for blog traffic?

There are some popular social sites now.

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter

  3. Pinterest

  4. Linkedin

I am using these and some others too, to increase my blog traffic. I am not getting very much traffic from Facebook or Linkedin. Don’t know why. But getting good amount of traffic from twitter and pinterest.

What is your experience about these social sites?

all goes hand on hand you have to pay equal leverage to every social media sites to gain good traffic

All above social media sites has equal importance but if you are offering an e-commerce website then you may upload pictures on Pinterest to gain more traffic & in this case Pinterest has some more importance over all other social networking site. Basically Pinterest is a image sharing website so it is better to put effort there & will certainly boost your business.

While Facebook still drives significant and increasing traffic to my site, my favorite is Google+. With the addition of author highlighting the Google Plus profile has become a great way for all of my content to stand out in Google searches.

I prefer FB and TW.

All these Social site are very much likeable for blog traffic. Though I don’t use these site for blog traffic i think, Twitter and LinkedIn are best for this. Please you do continue and see what is the best.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is good for getting traffic but if you need more then other then i suggests you to use Reddit.com. Reddit is best for getting traffic for blog. I also use reddit for generate traffic on my blog on picszforu.blogspot

can also drive some traffic for your blog.

I like twitter for good traffic in search engine. Mostly peoples use twitter is more than 6 hours in a day. So its so good for generating traffic.


My experience has been similar. People on Facebook engage the most and click trough to see the content, while the G+ profile makes it stand out in the search results.

According to be Myspace is the best one which brings more blog traffic.

Blog traffic? There is livejournal.com which is a famous blogging platform…

I use plurk, friendster, friendfeed, and myspace on top of your list. But, in our case, the sites that are really effective in getting that traffic are friendfeed, facebook, and twitter. Friendfeed has a lot of groups which you can join and share your postings. On the other hand, Facebook and twitter are extremely famous that’s why they’ve been helping a lot as well.

Above all are the best one for there genera. Now Pinterest and Google+ are on demand.

You know it is depend upon the website you post, because if you are posting on the site w/c is not relevant to your website the results may be useless. You have to post your site in a site’s that is relevant to your site.

it depends but from experience Google plus readers are the best

You must try Limewire for this - it picks up blogs and generates good traffic.

But initially, for the traffic, a lot of keyword research is important - what keywords are popular on the web. Then manage the content in the same order to make your blog noticeable - then advertise your work (blog) from various resources like Limewire, Squidoo, Reddit, Hubpages, Blog Directories (search this on Google) and so much more.

Keep following the trends with Google Analytics tool.

If you have an account on these social networking sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Chime and Myspace, take advantage of them to promote your blog. Put up a notice on all your sites whenever you make a new blog post. Post interesting items in between posts to keep your blog in people’s minds.

Facebook but you can also add


google plus

As per my opinion face book is the best social site for increasing blog traffic. Because in face book you can join the groups and there can share your blog information, by this you can get traffic for your blog.