Editing .vod DVD files

I’m a webmaster that normally deals with fairly small file for presentation on websites. However, a client has a DVD where we may have potential for a small video clip to be placed on the website in .mpg, .swf or .wmv format.

First step, I purchased an www.lge.com external DVD rewriter, which with some issues (windows can’t seem to find an installation disk), but seems to read and write to the drive in DVD format just fine.

I copied the files over to my hard drive and what I want is contained in some of the .vod files which I can play several ways including with the PowerProducer Gold which seems to allow catching part of the file. However, when I reach the end, I can’t seem to save the file on the hard disk, but may be able to burn a CD.

Dawned on me that I may not be the only web person over their head in video editing. What are other’s using? I’m considering buying another software product called DVDZip 3.1, which does seem to read the .vod files and produce .mpg, avi (without audio) and .wmv files. Then maybe I could use Movie Maker to edit the files?

<sign> seems like every time I turn around in the video area there is more software to buy and it seems like the tools I have should do the functions.

Suggestions - what are others doing?

mac dvd converter can convert dvd

Reconvert the .VOD files to a format such as the ones you described, then re-edit files and import into flash (depending on MB files sizes) Fash will convert to FLV or SWF for streaming. Using the AVI or MOV format opens a can of worms as far as downloaded plugins, mac users may not want to download an AVI codec and vice vera for PC owners and the MOV. Most browsers have flash or can play a SWF file & those that don’t have a flash plugin you will have no chance of getting them to grab and movie codec at 10+mb.

Try searching SOURCEFORGE.org for a VOD to avi program.

You may take a look at this software: http://www.dvd-converter.com

dvd-converter sure doesn’t say much about their product specifications. I also ran into a program called DVDZip 3.1 which looks interesting and seems to run with the limited trial - takes .vod files and converts to other formats. The lite version designation seems confusing and looks like it might not be a lite version at all, but just to handle audio. One would think a lite version would be a lesser version of something - but does not seem to be.

Back to the video world.

By the way, I have Pinnacle Studio 9 which came with the Dazzle Digital Video Creator 90 and audio to USB connection cables. This program was won of the casualties when I upgraded to a larger hard drive (along with Norton Utilities), neither ran again even after repeated attempts to uninstall and reinstall and appry upgrade patches. So not sure if the Studio 9 can read .vod files or not. Because Studio 9 does not run, reluctant to purchase 10.5 and don’t know if reads .vod files anyway.

I also have wildform Flix 4 Pro which creates flash files - does not run either - sigh - have not tried reinstalling yet. Something about must run with same userid signed into windows with when installed. Don’t know if Wildform reads .vod files or not.

Definitely hard for a web guy to get a foothold in the video world.