AVI to FLV on a Mac

Hi, Does anyone know the best way to convert an AVI (I have them as WMVs as well) into a FLV for embedding into a web page.

I’m on Mac.

If anyone has a favored converting software, I’d love to hear about it. :slight_smile:

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Very useful, but as for me, I prefer to use Macvide VideoFlash Converter. It converts different formats to flv or swf in high quality. And I like it because it is very easy to use))

Macromedia/Adobe Flash Video Converter - it is a separate application which comes bundled with Flash 8. It is the encoder that most people use simply because it entails no extra cost.

Thanks Force Flow, I tried ffmpegX but it didn’t work. But then I tried Prism and it did.

Mark20, didn’t get around to trying Macvide VideoFlash Converter - next time

I heard good things about this site : http://media-convert.com/ but it didn’t work for me.

Video’s always a hassle for me. I always try 3 or 4 things before I get it right!

Thanks, guys.

What for me,I use Macvide VideoFlash Converter.It’s soft for convert avi to flv.It’s helps me a lot.)

One of these might work.


Technically discontinued, but was a good tool: http://www.techspansion.com/visualhub/

Conversion tools are hard to come by on the Mac. If you have linux or Window available, you’d have an easier time with it.