File converter needed

I want to commute .MOV file to .SWF file. Tell me programs that can do this? I require free programs. :confused:

Hi there,

here ( is a program with tutorial, where you can convert your video files

That isn’t free, so not much use. All told, you’d be better converting the .mov to an h264 mp4 which can then be played back by a flash player and also an html5 one

I convert a lot of videos in many formats so I have advice for you. Try Sothink Video Converter. It is easy in use software with many options and surely it will satisfy you.
Another good thing about this program is that it’s fast.

The OP is asking for FREE software. Any further suggestions for commercial software will be treated as spam

There are some free converters available but can convert only up to 50 percent, I would suggest you go for cheap converters with lots of features on it.

Either try

Or adobe flash encoder