FLV fallback into Quicktime?


I’m looking into the best options for FLV playback so if the client didn’t have Flash player or the capabilities to play FLVs, it would fall back into a Quicktime link.

I’ve researched around and I haven’t come across anything that is related to something like this.

Does anyone have any experience or advice to create something of this nature. Basically the goal is to have playback with FLVs but somehow set up the HTML so the Quicktime movie would play as a backup if the FLV didn’t load.

Thank you for your time in advance!

sweet, thank you so much. Very useful information, put together a few ideas I had that I was unsure of.

Use swfobject to embed your flv player swf. In the swfobject html div, put your quicktime html. If the user has flash the div gets rewritten to play the swf, if not it will display the alternative quicktime html. If your quicktime mov uses h.264 and is encoded to stream, then the flv player swf will be able to play it back, so you’ll only need one video file.