First Page Ranking But Very Little Traffic

Okay my website ranked on Google’s top 10 page.

The keyword it ranked for was: “unlock blackberry”

Google estimates the local monthly searches to be 130k per month but I’m only receiving 20 people a day on my site.

So what could be problem?

My site ranked on google top 10 about 10 days ago.

Hi john14789! Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

Google estimates 130k searches, but do they estimate how many clicks that will entail?

They it’ll bring in 27 clicks but this estimate is for PPC.

If you do a exact match search it comes to 4.4k

My question is do you start getting a lot of traffic right after ranking on Google top 10 or does it take 1-2 months before you start getting the traffic surge?

Id be interested in this too. My keywords don’t have as much traffic but they range from 300 to 1000 per month and I am top position for some of them and on page 1 for all. Yesterday I got one click.

Where the bloody hell can you get accurate figures from without running an adwords campaign.

You have just mentioned top 10 and not exactly on which page and position. well, If you get less clicks , there can be few reasons.

  1. if you are not in the top two or three pages, you can’t expect too many clicks or huge flow of traffic.

  2. Probably, users find better and relevant sites than yours for that particular keyword, you can do keyword analysis and find out whether this keyword is the most relevant.

  3. Review your Title tags, meta tags, meta description etc , check whether they are relevant, convey the right message as these elements appear in your search result.

I think he meant top 10 search results of the 1st page

The party starts in the top 3. Then again, depends on the search term. I have a top 5 ranking for a competitive term, and a top 8 for another competitive term. I get more visits from the top 8 ranking site than the top 5 site each month. Depends on the niche. Maybe in this one, people got what the need to know from the #1 or 2 site and don’t feel the need to move on.

Yes, I meant the top 10 of the first page. Well I can say I’m not in the 1-3 positions and even for some related keywords I do rank #2 but I still don’t get more tha 5 clicks a day.

Before I even worked on ranking for these terms I ran a PPC campaign for six months to test the waters and it was working great so I thought once I ranked for the organic result it would be more or the same results but evidently that’s not the case.

My title and meta tags are 100% unique and specific to the niche so that can’t be it.

Could it be that its only been 10-12 days since my site ranked and it’s not going to get the big traffic til it’s been on the first page for at least 2-3 months?

I just analyzed the keyword and the SERP result. One fact i had found out that for your keyword, you rank in different position in SERP. for eg for .com you are in 2nd position but for .in you are in 12th position. And also it changes according to the locations. You should find out where there are high traffic for the keyword “unlock blackberry” and you should concentrate on that region SERP. Well having 2nd position in .com is a great thing but i just wanted to say this can be also a fact.

I would highly recommend you to check over your meta description, the description that Google shows up for your homepage on the SERP’s. Your CTR may be particularly low as other websites seem to be more what the users are looking for when performing that particular search query.

I also notice you talk about just “unlock blackberry”… you need to think long tail as well. Get some more content on the website that involves different ways of unlocking blackberry, what the advantages/disadvantages are etc. This should help you increase your traffic.

Good Luck!

I do have good content on my site and it’s very informative on the subject as well. My meta description and title clearly describe what my site is about.

So in order to really get the huge burst of traffic my site has to be on the first page for at least one month? That’s what I heard from someone. So is this true?

Social Book Marking is the best way to drive traffic. Blog commenting and classified submission will also help in driving traffic.

I have to say that GA shows low results compared to their keyword tool. And let me think ahhh yes the keyword tool is the one before you buy their click advertising.

I and many people have this issue and I think that there is something very wrong here. I can accept that not all searches result in a click but but there is too big a gulf between the two.