With in top 5 but no traffic?

I am with in top 5 of Google for one of my keyword, there are about “49500” monthly searches on this keyword according to Google keyword suggestion tool, but for the whole July i got about 29 visitors from Google. Is Google Ad words figures are not true?

I dont trust Google keyword tool. You should get alot more than that

Mere ranking does’nt guarantee increase in visitors, to attract customers use eye catching call to action words in Title & description ,of course with keywords.

Just because you’re in the “top whatever” it doesn’t automatically mean anyone will click on your link :slight_smile:

Perhaps the wording in your listing doesn’t tell the user what they’re looking for? Have a look at your carewords for that page to see if you can spot anything.

You can try these two new keyword tool that are based on Google - http://www.searchenginejournal.com/2-new-cool-keyword-research-tools-which-are-based-on-google/23034/
Hope this is of interest!

that’s what we call a Good News at the same time a Bad News :frowning:

I agree. Try to install other stats checker too. Anyway, I think there will be no problem if you used 2-3 checker. I also use statcounter and it helps me detect the ip of my visitors, the most recent keywords that was used by my visitors that leads to my site, and many more.

Yes we can use google analytic or statcounter for this purpose.


Its not a keyword constrained problem just put good meta tags and title for your website and just maintain social network profile and get reputed backlinks and then you may see.

What are you using a Google Adwords figure for? The most reliable way to check the number of visitors to your site and their provenance is to use a tracking system like AWstats or Google Analytics.