Your Opinion of Google Analytics

I’d like to hear others’ opinions of Google Analytics. I’m still new at it and my initial take is that it is

A) buggy
B) very deep, possible too deep for most smaller web sites. It feels like using ZenCart for someone who really only needs a PayPal button.

I could just be shying away from the apparently steep learning curve, though.

What do you all think? What do you like/dislike abou Google Analytics? Is there another analytics tool you prefer?

Its very inaccurate.

Like all the free things, the results aren’t very accurate but analytics it’s good to give you some good ideas with your traffic situation.
I would say (and that’s an absolutely personal opinion) you may believe 60-70 % of the results.

Wow - I had no idea it has a reputation for inaccuracy. 60-70% isn’t very good.

google analytics is very useful in study of keyword research and how much traffic comes from keywords, but I wouldn’t rely on it 100% I always make comparison from several other tools.

So what’s a better, more accurate analytics application?

Yeah absolutely its always buggy.
Most of the times i have found errors there.
most often when checking traffic of website Google analytics show just very small result ( no of visitors) and even after a minute its goes up to hundreds.
This is much confusing for me.

Everywhere you look, something or somebody is telling you something different to what you’ve seen or heard…

What to say of Google Analytics it is the great free web tracking tool ever seen.

It depends what you’re doing with the data.

If you need to know exactly how many people have visited each page on your site, what route they took through the site, what they clicked on, where they went, what software they were using, favourite type of coffee etc., then sure, Google Analytics won’t be up to the job.

But for most people, that level of detail is totally unnecessary. What most people want is a broad overview of which pages are most popular, trends in visitor numbers, trends in keywords, common navigation routes and so on. And GA does that very well. No, it isn’t 100% … but do you need 100%?

Google Analytics is a very good tool in my opinion because it is available for free, provides us with detailed information of visitors for our website, easily track the popularity, no. of visitors for specific page of website.

i am not agree with you all, because google analytics doen’t provides correct traffic result for my website so that i am using webmater tool,

You can also webmaster tool that shows your traffic,impression,backlinks, inner links and more.

Google Analytic is very good tool to do analysis about place from where visitors visit and also for which keywords. But Google Analytic show 60% to 70% of actual visitors visited.

Any analytics package that works off your server log file will be more accurate because it doesn’t leave out all the visitors who have JavaScript turned off and all the visitors who have specifically blocked Google analytics (since they gain nothing for themselves by using up their bandwidth to download that script).

Google Analytic is not perfect .
i am using it for several months on my websites but it does not show you true details and information about the visitors because others mentioned in above it is possible that users disable java script in their browsers .
2.i dont trust on the visitors that it shows to me on the map because in the unbelievable event i observed some big bugs in the account of one my websites , the visitors of one town was 1200 in the DEC but it changed automatically to 900 in JAN ?!? although i contacted them but nothing happened !? would be better if you use the software packages that belong to the visitors in your CP of your host , the information is true and i trust to this information more .

It probably is the best thing out there, but how accurate is another question. But gives a good rough idea.

It’s the standard when it comes to buy/sell advertising or a site. Any client will ask for your GA data. I am using Awstats on my sites too, it comes in cPanel and it’s more “buggy” than Analytics IMO. Since all my clients for advertising and people who’d buy my sites ask for analytics, I just have it on all my sites and it’s pretty good. Of course nothing is perfect, but I’m pleased with it.

Google Analytics uses your visitors bandwidth without giving them anything for it. That’s why I have it blocked and recommend that others do the same. Who cares if you are not included in a site’s stats.

I think its great for checking search engine results. I can check if some one coming from google. Bounces right away or clicks on some pages. :smiley:

What else do you need to know. It generates a variety of statistics about visitors to your site, the pages they look at the pages they go to, how long the stay on your site and where they exit from e.t.c