Domain and host

Please accept my apologies for my question. I am just starting.
I have just finished coding for a two-page website to display art work. Its purpose is to be used as a business card or for job applications. I do not wish it to come with an email account. My objectives are simple and straightforward, and I cannot find a host that meets them. Can I find a domain independently from the host? I studied Mathematics and I love coding. With some help from you I hope to do more of this.

Yes, you can get a domain at a domain registrar like or godaddy. Now of course you will need to host your site somewhere to get it on the Internet but the domain and host don’t need to be offered by the same company. You can host your site on like bluehost and have your domain registered on namecheap. Namecheap will then point the domain at bluehost.

I hope that answers your question.


Even the very cheapest hosts often offer a email address, but you don’t have to use it. (I never do.)

I also prefer to have the domain hosted at a separate company from the web host. When you have both at the same company, it’s messy when you want to move to a different web host. And companies that specialize in domain hosting (in my limited experience) don’t offer very good web hosting.

Thank you very much to Martyr2 and Ralphm for the information. All the best.

Yes you can get the hosting and the domain name registration separately.

The advantage of getting them together is that customer support from many hosts, such as GoDaddy, is easier. The disadvantage is as Ralphm says, if you switch to a different host then you have them separate. Unless you transfer the domain at the time you switch, I am not sure how well that works.

Registration provided by a host might not be the best deal. When evaluating a registrar, there are two things I suggest that you look for. One is privacy; is privacy (if you want it) separate? Another is email forwarding. Not many people talk about that but if someone needs to contact you about the website (such as it is down or hacked) then they might need to send you a message. Domain registration includes email addresses that someone can use even if your personal information is protected by privacy. Some cheap registrars do not provide email forwarding. In my opinion it is usually worth spending a few dollars more per year for domain registration that is not the cheapest.

Either I do not see any mention of those requirements or the requirements are very common.