Register domain name with web host or separately?

Is it better to register a domain name with one’s web host (if offered) or to buy the domain name separately before signing up for webhosting?

ThisWebHost have told me that I can register a domain with them and that there would be no problem transferring the domain to another host if I decided to leave them at some point. That’s rather attractive, since it seems to simplify the process of getting a domain name and signing up for webhosting.

However, I’ve been told by KnownHost that if I join them for hosting I’ll have to get my own domain name. (They recommend Godaddy, but I know there are other places to register domain names.)

I’ve seen hints online that the process of transferring a domain name from one web host to another can be complicated if the host originally registered the domain - and I believe it’s impossible in some circumstances. Unfortunately, these are only hints - I haven’t found a detailed discussion of the pros and cons yet.

I’d be very grateful for opinions on this issue - and I apologize if the topic has been covered here before. (I did have a look before posting this but there’s a lot of stuff here, so I may have missed a relevant thread.)

  • Mike

Hi Mike,

My domains are hosted by a specialist domain name registrar, with no connection to the web host. I’ve got no real problem with the idea of having the domains registered with the web host, but I like the fact that the two issues are separate, as they are really separate issues, and as you say, you can move on from the web host without having to feel stuck with them regarding domains.

Another thing about domain hosting is that it’s a specialist field, and you may not get as good a service if the company is handling both domain hosting and web hosting (but I have no evidence for that, although it’s been suggested me by others). So I’m actually glad that KnownHost doesn’t deal with domains.

One thing I’ve found with domain hosts is that each one has its own “configurations” (not sure if that’s the right word). I mean that, when you log in to redirect a domain etc, some domain hosts make it really easy and some are very confusing. The one I use now (Planet Domain) I find very clear and easy to use. Some of my clients have domains with other companies, and I’ve had trouble at times working out how to access the domains and redirecting them etc.

Good morning, Ralph, and thank you for getting back on another of my questions so quickly. I really do appreciate the help. (Up to now I’ve found the business of choosing a host and registering a domain much more daunting than actually building my site.)

I’ll look at Planet Domain today. I’d heard that transfers can be complicated, so it’s good to know there’s a straightforward company out there.

  • Mike

Good morning, Mike (well, it’s late night here now…)

I’ve done one or two transfers, and they’re not too bad, as long as everyone plays fair. It’s just a formal procedure that takes a while (I once bought a domain from someone, and am helping a client do a transfer now).

Still, it’s much nicer not to have to do it, but just find a host that you’re happy with once and for all.

We will suggest you to join DirectI ( through their resellers. Trouble-free service and fast support.

Btw, many webhosts, who offer domain registration as well, provide registration from other accredited registrars only. It means they are not selling hosting and domain together. So do not get confused that the same company is providing domain also and hosting also.

Good Luck

Thanks for the advice, I take your point about webhosts not necessarily selling hosting and domains together. As a newbie, though, my main priority is to avoid the hassle of transferring a domain name from domain seller to webhost. As a result, I’ve just signed up wth a host that also supplies domain names and I’ve been able to skip what looks like a rather complicated and time-consuming step in the set-up process. However, when I’m more experienced (and possibly less naive) I may well decide to purchase my domain from a separate seller to my webhost.

Thanks again for the information - and many thanks to Ralph as well, of course.


  • Mike

Usually its better to have them at separate places. That way if you have a problem with hosting (eg billing error) they can’t hold your domain ransom…or vice versa.

Always shop around. Your host may not have the cheapest options available.

However, the upside to getting a domain name through your host is if there are any problems, the host can generally place the support tickets for you and they are generally actioned faster. :wink:

Read reviews. Most web hosters/domain name registrars are not going to steal your domain names and (or scam you).

Yes, most webhosting co. offer free domain name along with their hosting package and that attract customer to get the free domain name.

That’s because most domain names are cheap as chips. I would shop around a little and get the best deal possible. There are so many domain registrars out there - pick the top ten and compare them to the web host’s domain name price :slight_smile:

When people allow their web hosting company register domain name for them I suppose they do not have a penny to pay for it.

I always recommend to keep domain and hosting separate because one my friend got a problem where his hosting company took control over his domain name and he fought for almost 2 month’s to get his domain back from them.

SORRY! There is no free lunch as thewebhostingdir suggests. Any company in business is in business to make money so any “give away” is ALWAYS paid for by overcharging elsewhere. Check all their terms and features to discover where - and put “free domain name” in the same category as “unlimited” anything (SCAM marketing).



if the registar/hosting company serious, there will be no problem if they are together

I believe that is impossible for the end user to detarmine if web hosting provider serious or not… Use diffrent service providers to avoid that. Do not keep all eggs in the same basket.