Domain name and email only

Hi there,

I’m new to the world of web domain, and I am looking to get a domain with an email account too.

I know this is pretty basic thing, but I’m looking to get only the domain and email service, without needing website hosting. It’s hosted at Etsy already and I am planning on just redirecting to the domain to the already hosted Etsy page for now.

I looked into GoDaddy, and it’s about $85 for 2 year domain registration with 1 year email service (using their Outlook plan)

Does anyone have any recommendations for only those two options?

I appreciate any help!

Every hosting service will have a host of options for your domain in order to offer more value. $85 for 2 years is a really good deal. Gmail is free; you can get a site, but it will read '"

A lot of people seem to register a domain and receive email from it without actually having web hosting. Not sure how they do it, but it might be worth talking to your domain host about it, rather than a web host.

hasn’t google started selling emails with personalised domains. eg rather than you can have
Saw a google advert the other day. I assume they are just acting as a domain registering service and tieing it in with their gmail system.

could be worth a look

found the link

I have used Powweb ( for many years. They are offering a $3.88/month deal right now that includes a free domain name.

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