Domain and hosting question

Should I buy my domain and web hosting with 2 different providers?

Please let me know your thoughts

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter which you choose. Either is fine in my experience. Perhaps the only rider I’d suggest is that if you are going to get both from one company, make sure that it’s primarily a web hosting company, rather than primarily a domain company, as the quality of the web hosting is the most important thing.

Some people think you should keep your hosting and domain registrar separate. I am in that camp, but I really don’t see much of a problem.

Where I do see a problem is with those sign up for a year (or 3 years) of web hosting and get a free domain name offers. Stay away from that. Your domain name is very important. Don’t let it be held hostage by any host or any long-term hosting contract.

If you are with a reliable host and they offer domain purchases then you most likely won’t have any problems having both with the same company. Usually the problems arise with domains and hosts that are associated when you need to move away from that host and take your domain with you. Issues don’t always arise when that is the case but they can crop up and cause a few headaches on occasion.

It doesn’t matter, if you purchase from same provider then you can have all info under one hood that’s all.

It’s up to you!!! You can buy the domain and web hosting from the same providers or from different providers!!! But make sure the providers are reliable and satisfy your requirements! You get more offers when you buy domain and host at the same providers!!! I registered my domain at <snip> and got free hosting with other free extras!!!

I had problems after transferring registrations to my host years ago then had to leave for hosting problems. While it was mostly a problem with ICAAN’s ‘don’t transfer too often’ rules, it was a major PITA. As a rule, I register and host separately (you get what you pay for and can “fix” whichever becomes a problem).



I would always keep the domain names and hosting separate. From past experience, it makes it much easier to move host if the domain is separate.
Also I find that it is often more expensive to buy a domain from a company who primarily supply hosting and there is no advantage that I know of.

Personally i like to buy domain and hosting from different company. Because maximum time domain name registration company doesn’t provide good hosting.