Hosting and Registering a Domain

Hello, I have recently dealt with some cases where the client has
their domain name registered on one host site and hosted on another
website. Not really have seen a reason for this? Anyone here have
an idea of why someone would do this? I mean you can do all that
with one host right?

It means you have each with a company where what you have with them is their primary business and not just a sideline.

It makes changing hosting a billion percent easier.

It makes changing registrar 100% easier.

You can’t always get all the domains you want from the same domain registrar so getting them all from a web host is even less likely.

If you put them both with a domain registrar you’ll have a top quality domain dashboard and a hacked together hosting dashboard with 3/4 of the options missing.

If you put both with a hosting company you’ll have a top quality hosting dashboard but very limited domain dashboard (making it harder to perform advanced domain tasks such as directing sub-domains to different hosting).

Is that enough reasons - they’re just the ones that occurred to me immediately upon reading your question. I’m sure if I stopped to think about it I could come up with at least a dozen or so more.

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I see so its pros and cons? So what is the best way to go?

If you want to deal with one company then choose a hosting company that can provide all the domain names you want. You will then get a decent web hosting control panel to properly handle the hosting. There will be minimal or no domain controls but the domains will be configured to point to the hosting for you. If you ever decide to move to a different hosting provider then you’ll need a longer overlap as you will need time to move the domains across as well.

If you decide to keep the domains with a domain registrar then configuring the domains in the first place will be slightly more complicated (you’ll need to enter the nameserver info provided by the hosting provider to point the domains to the right place) but changing hosting provider later will be much easier as you will not have to move the domains at the same time.

The option to avoid is getting the hosting from a domain registrar as that will significantly restrict what you can do with the hosting.

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