Does spam referrals affect the bounce rate of my site and my SEO?


I have some spam referral bots traffic in my Google Analytics. Of course I will filter them. But will they effect my global site bounce rate? As the bounce rate of these bots is 100%. And will it affect my SEO?

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No, Google does not use Analytics data for ranking. This has been discussed before…
If I can dig out the thread.

As @SamA74 says, it’s been discussed in a couple of threads recently. The bottom line is that this Google video states categorically that they do not use Analytics information in ranking.

Although Google has their own database having all the information but spam referral doesn’t count in anywhere. It is just to mess up with Analytics users and when they see huge traffic coming from a source, they try to find what that referral is all about and spammer gets more hits.

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